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Unveiled an AI Model for the Finance and Customer Support Sectors



Unveiled an AI Model for the Banking and Customer Support Sectors

The 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) in Shanghai on Saturday saw the unveiling of China’s domestically developed AI foundation model for the finance, marketing, and customer service sectors.

One of the first of its kind, the Rongxi Intelligent Model was introduced at the WAIC by Beijing-based CLOOPEN, a global provider of cloud services for smart communications.

The company stated that the goal of the AI model applications is to improve internal management, sales, marketing, and customer service for businesses. These applications include the coach, insight, and virtual agents, as well as the Rongxi agent and knowledge co-pilots.

For example, the AI model assists the insurance industry in identifying hotspots for consultation and complaints and in making use of conversation data for decision-making.

The models extract context-based work order failures for manufacturing to stop mass complaints.

By automating service records, life insurance companies can create individualized service assistants. They support intricate banking policies that improve the effectiveness of loan processing.

To facilitate accurate decision-making and marketing strategies, CLOOPEN also unveiled the ELITE MOS, an AI-powered customer-centric operations platform.

According to Shi Zenghui, general manager of CLOOPEN’s digital intelligence cloud solutions division, the platform attempts to give effective decision-making for customer service and raise telemarketing conversion rates through precise marketing.

Corpus data product

Meanwhile, Kupasi, a well-known tech company in Shanghai, has collaborated with its partners in the AI ecosystem to launch a new corpus data product for AI training. The product seeks to improve the use of high-quality data in AI model training.

“High-quality corpus data is crucial for the application of AI models across industries,” said Zhuang Mudi, deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai government. “It helps AI better adapt to real-world scenarios and accelerates the vision of AI empowering various sectors.”

Additionally, a new toolchain for data collection, cleaning, labeling, testing, and application—the “Corpus Operation Platform 1.0″—was introduced. According to the company, the platform aims to set a global standard for effective and high-quality corpus supply.

The company released ten superior corpus data products during the event in cooperation with partners such as Baosight Software, Fudan University, and Migu Video. Important industries like healthcare, finance, retail, entertainment, and urban transportation are the focus of these products.

Technical white papers for the finance, education, and life health sectors were also released, along with the first corpus construction guidelines. The papers include standards and procedures for producing high-quality data sets.

The financial white paper introduces the “Corpus Cube” methodology, which is based on financial knowledge systems, and redefines high-quality financial data sets.

The Life Health white paper lays out a corpus construction strategy for medicine, drug development, clinical medicine, health management, and traditional Chinese medicine, while the Education white paper establishes guidelines for educational AI data governance and sharing.

The company also released a group standard for corpus construction in partnership with almost 20 enterprises. According to the company, its goals are to promote high-level data element construction and the sharing of data resources.

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