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Swiggy Launches the World’s First Food Delivery Feature “Eatlists” to Discover and Share Food Suggestions



Swiggy Launches the World's First Food Delivery Feature Eatlists to Discover and Share Food Suggestions

Users can curate their food journey like a music playlist by creating and discovering hundreds of “Eatlists,” a first for the food delivery industry around the world.

The world’s first food delivery feature, “Eatlists,” has been launched by Swiggy, India’s trailblazing on-demand convenience platform, to revolutionize the way people find and share food recommendations. Swiggy’s Eatlists allow foodies to compile and share their favorite recipes right within the Swiggy app, just like they can with music playlists.

The ideal food at the ideal time

Swiggy’s in-app insights show that 58% of users require assistance making meal decisions due to indecision. A disjointed and time-consuming process is produced by the fact that 68% of users rely on recommendations from friends and peers, navigating multiple platforms for reviews and orders. Swiggy seeks to address these prevalent issues by streamlining the finding, storing, and sharing of meal suggestions within its app, providing users with unmatched convenience and selection.

Key benefits of Eatlists:

  • All of your favorites in one place: To make browsing easier, users can curate themed lists of their favorite dishes.
  • Smooth sharing: Give other foodies access to your carefully crafted Eatlists so they can try new foods and eateries!
  • Rapid access: View user- or other-created lists to guarantee a steady supply of meal suggestions.

Rohit Kapoor, CEO of Food Marketplace Swiggy, said, “Before social media and other digital channels, food was the original form of community building. Sharing meals brought people together. Eatlists brings the best of both worlds: the ability to create and share your food identity with the world while discovering new favourite dishes through thousands of Eatlists curated by fellow food lovers and experts, both in your city and beyond.” 

How it works:

To begin creating Eatlists, users simply need to tap the bookmark icon next to their preferred dishes and save them under distinct Eatlists. Their list can be titled anything from “Healthy Bites” to “Weekend Treats” or “Let’s get this party started” to “The answer is always Biryani.” Users can use social media apps like Instagram and WhatsApp to directly share the curated list with friends and family after it has been created. Additionally, they can peruse other people’s Eatlists, like “Top Street Foods in Delhi” or “Late-night Cravings in Mumbai,” which makes choosing meals more enjoyable and social.

In addition, the Eatlists feature will be accessible for creation, sharing, and enjoyment on the Swiggy user’s profile page and food home page.

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