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Creative, fashionable, and irresistible: could B. Howard’s “Choosin’ (All Eyes on Me)” be this summer’s hit song?



Creative, fashionable, and irresistible could B. Howard's Choosin' (All Eyes on Me) be this summer's hit song

In his new single “Choosin’ (All Eyes on Me),” B. Howard confidently declares that “all eyes are on him.” To embody this carefree and self-assured vibe, the multi-talented songwriter, multi-platinum producer, and the pop star is set to release a brand new music video shot in the vibrant Grand Rapids on the 14th of June at 10 am.

Grand Rapids is a dynamic city known for its blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty. Located on the Grand River, this bustling metropolis offers a unique mix of historic charm and modern innovation, making it a standout destination in the Midwest. In stating that, fans can prepare to be captivated by the visual masterpiece of the music video. Co-directed by Josh Sikkema and B. Howard, the video impeccably reflects the song’s themes of charm and allure. The enthralling landscapes of Grand Rapids enrich the overall visual impact, adding a new dimension to the story. Directed by Josh Sikkema and co-directed by B. Howard himself, the video brings fans up close and personal with Howard. It nails the song’s vibe with dreamy backgrounds that amplify the story and showcases Howard’s charismatic presence. B. Howard drops some cutting-edge dance moves in the video, inviting fans to join in and groove along.

B. Howard is a true triple threat in the music world, and his talent for creating songs that resonate deeply with listeners is on full display in “Choosin’ (All Eyes on Me).” This track marks a big milestone in his career, embracing dance vibes and iconic fashion to elevate his artistic vision. But B. Howard isn’t just a singer; he’s also a pro producer, writer, and director. His expertise in these areas lets him create captivating songs, produce standout tracks, and direct stunning music videos that leave fans craving more. “Choosin'” seamlessly fuses classic ’90s DNB pop with today’s cutting-edge sounds, boasting an upbeat melody and confident lyrics that perfectly capture B. Howard’s personality and style. The track is already making a splash, breaking into the iTunes Top 100 Pop Songs on its very first day and poised to become a major hit.

Creative fashionable and irresistible could B. Howards Choosin All Eyes on Me be this summers hit song

“Choosin’ (All Eyes on Me)” is the super-hot result of a killer collaboration between B. Howard, Mark “The Mogul” Jackson (known for working with stars Trey Songz and Usher), and the legendary Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd (noted for his work with Justin Bieber and Billie Ellish). Together, they’ve tapped into the theme of commanding attention and basking in the spotlight’s glow. B. Howard’s knack for crafting engaging stories through his music shines brightly in this track, blending confident lyrics with seductive beats, which often channel the vibes of Miki Howard and The Jacksons, all while pushing creative boundaries and exploring new horizons.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for June 14th, 2024! That’s when the video for “Choosin’ (All Eyes on Me)” drops. Get ready to be swept away by the amazing vibes, visuals, and looks B. Howard is bringing. It’s not just a song; it’s an immersive experience into a new realm of music and storytelling.

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