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4 Eid al-Adha Food Ideas That Are Healthier



4 Eid al Adha Food Ideas That Are Healthier

It’s time for Eid al-Adha! Also known as the holiday that all meat lovers look forward to, it’s an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of delicious dishes with your loved ones. Let me offer you some simple advice to help you eat healthier and prevent overindulging during the celebration before we dive into the feast.

  1. Prioritize lean protein

Lean protein sources like grilled fish, lean beef, yogurt, eggs, or grilled chicken breasts should always be the base of any meal. Prioritizing your protein intake will help you feel fuller for longer periods of time and will help keep your blood sugar under control. Strength training will also tremendously aid in the growth of your muscles.

  1. Consume enough fiber

As much as you can, include fruits, seeds, whole grains, and greens in your meals. Consuming a lot of fiber will not only improve your digestion and general health, but it will also lower your cholesterol and, over time, lower your risk of developing chronic diseases like cancer or heart disease.

  1. Pay attention to portion control

Portion control genuinely works by deceiving your mind into believing that you are satisfied. All you have to do is divide your meals into smaller servings; try to have half of your plate composed of fruit or vegetables and 25% composed of carbohydrates.

  1. Avoid Processed Food

Even though a juicy burger or a cheesy pepperoni pizza seems like the ideal dinner, eating them frequently will increase your risk of developing chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and also cause digestive problems. Eat more nutrient-dense food and minimize your consumption of processed foods.

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