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Dia dos Namorados 2024: Interactive Google Doodle Game Celebrates Valentine’s Day in Brazil



Dia dos Namorados 2024 Google Doodle

Today’s interactive Google Doodle features Dia dos Namorados 2024 with a scientific twist! To find your own chemical element avatar and begin swiping to form bonds, click the Doodle!

Are you titanium, gold, and beryllium based? since you’re very attractive! With a focus on chemistry, today’s interactive game Doodle scientifically honors Dia dos Namorados.

Let’s play some Chemistry CuPd because love is in the O2. Select the avatar that most closely matches your personality by taking a quiz or selecting one from the periodic table. The next step is to begin connecting with different elements by swiping through their profiles! Because every element is unique, read their profiles to determine when to swipe right.

Nothing is a stronger bond than love, particularly when the chemistry is perfect.

Happy Dia dos Namorados!

Given that it is the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day is one of the most widely observed celebrations in Brazil. Contrary to popular belief, not only youths celebrate this occasion. Regardless of whether they are married or not, a lot of adult couples make it a point to seize this opportunity to strengthen their bond.

June 12th is celebrated across the country, and it falls on a Wednesday this year. Valentine’s Day is not regarded as a national holiday or optional, even though it is significant for commerce, much like several seasonal dates throughout the year.

Why is Dia dos Namorados celebrated on June 12th?

Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with love, despite what many people believe. Actually, it was because of a successful ad campaign that the date was added to the calendar.

In 1948, the Clipper department store hired João Doria, the owner of the Standart Propaganda agency, to increase sales in June, which is not usually a good month for business.

Ads such as “It’s not just with kisses that you can prove love!” and “Don’t forget: love is paid for with love” were created by Doria in response to the popularity of Valentine’s Day, which is observed in the US and other countries.

At the time, the strategy affected the industry, and a special day was set aside for couples to celebrate their union. However, June 12th was selected because June 13th is the date of the Catholic festivals honoring Saint Anthony, the saint known for being a matchmaker.

Celebrations around the world

On February 14, Valentine’s Day is observed in the US, Japan, and several European countries.

When is the next holiday in 2024?

The Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services has released the calendar, which shows that September 7th, which celebrates the Independence of Brazil, is the next holiday after Corpus Christi, which falls on May 30.

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