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How Orion STEM Schools Is Forging a New Era in Education with Pioneering and Innovative STEM Learning Initiatives



In the heart of educational evolution, a light of innovation emerges – Orion STEM Schools. Beyond the ordinary, beyond the horizon, Orion stands to offer forward-thinking, future-ready education.

Orion STEM Schools believes in surpassing the ordinary, crossing conventional boundaries, and stretching far beyond traditional schooling methods.

It aims to pave the way for a new era of educational enlightenment that seeks to empower students with the tools, mindset, and skills necessary to handle the complexities of an ever-evolving world.

At the heart of this educational evolution is Orion STEM Schools’ agile approach. It does not merely follow trends. It sets them, defining a path that sparks curiosity, fuels creativity, and ignites a passion for lifelong learning.

 It offers a journey where educational boundaries dissolve, and the horizon expands into limitless possibilities.

Orion:  A trailblazer in K-8 STEM Education

Orion STEM Schools have initiated a journey to redefine education, challenging the notion that the sky is the limit. As a new private STEM and Entrepreneurship school, Orion is not just an institution. It’s a promise to improve the world through education that surpasses boundaries.

What Does It Stand For?

At the core of Orion’s philosophy is the commitment to enable students to find their voice, passion, and purpose. This vision is anchored in the belief that the sky is not the limit but merely the beginning, promising a brighter tomorrow filled with endless possibilities.

STEM Education

Orion recognizes the transformative power of STEM education. Adopting the UChicago STEM Education curriculum ensures students build a solid foundation in Math, Science, Engineering, and Technology. The emphasis is on fostering innovation, problem-solving, and the creation of new technologies.

Design Thinking and Innovation

The incorporation of Stanford University’s Design Thinking framework propels students into the world of innovative thinking. The methodology encourages students to identify problems, empathize, ideate, prototype, and test solutions, empowering them to become confident problem solvers.

Medical Science Curriculum

Orion’s Medical Science curriculum, developed in collaboration with Dr. Ira S. Rubin, M.D., Ph.D., is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of medical sciences. It prepares them for potential careers in healthcare and biomedical fields, aligning with the ever-evolving demands of the medical industry.

Entrepreneurship Education

Orion STEM Schools recognize the importance of cultivating entrepreneurial mindsets. Through the adoption of MIT’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship, students are equipped with a systematic approach to venture development, laying the foundation for 21st-century leaders and innovators.

Financial Literacy

Acknowledging that money habits are formed by age 7, Orion places a significant emphasis on financial literacy. Utilizing UChicago’s Financial Literacy curriculum, the school imparts technical skills and instills executive functioning skills to respond rather than react or be impulsive.

Solving Real-World Problems

The ultimate goal of Orion’s curriculum is to prepare students to address real-world problems. By integrating learning across multiple disciplines and applying it to project-based activities, students develop the skills necessary to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Leadership Development

Orion prioritizes cultivating compassionate leaders. By incorporating principles from Harvard’s Making Caring Common project, the school aims to encourage empathy, caring, and responsibility among students, shaping them into well-rounded, responsible citizens.

Problem-Based Learning

Students at Orion engage in experiential, project-based learning. This hands-on approach allows them to deal with real-world issues, deepening their comprehension and practical application of academic principles.

Executive Functioning Skills

Recognizing the crucial role of executive functioning skills, Orion emphasizes their development. These skills, including organizational, problem-solving, and time-management abilities, are essential for academic success. They also play a crucial role in preparing students for future challenges.

Core Values and Mindset

Orion’s philosophy revolves around embracing a growth mindset and promoting belonging. It encourages big dreams, promotes acceptance, advocates being present in the now, and embraces change. These core values shape the educational experience at Orion, creating an environment conducive to self-discovery, emotional growth, and resilience.

Curriculum and Support Services

Drawing from prestigious institutions and frameworks such as UChicago STEM Education, Fin Edge, Harvard’s Making Caring Common Project, Stanford’s Design Thinking, and MIT’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship, Orion offers students a world-class, forward-thinking education. The curriculum builds on progressive foundations, ensuring a holistic, cutting-edge learning experience.


Orion STEM Schools is an educational institution offering a transformative experience. As parents and students start this journey with Orion, they say yes to inspiring and growth mindsets, belonging, big dreams, and acceptance. It’s a commitment to being present in the now and embracing change throughout the educational experience. Orion STEM Schools is where the future blossoms, where young minds are shaped to lead, innovate, and positively impact the world.

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