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5 Best Money-saving Tips for Buying a New Car



5 Best Money saving Tips for Buying a New Car

These days, cars are investments because their prices are always rising. Since many people’s cars are their second most expensive possession after their homes, every rupee counts when purchasing a new vehicle in this situation.

Here are five ways to save costs when buying a new car if you’re in the market to do so.

Select your own insurance

All cars have insurance included in the on-road price. Getting your own insurance is one of the simplest ways to save money because car manufacturers typically provide quotes that are higher than the actual cost. Compare quotes from various insurance companies to find the best value for your money, not just the cheapest one.

Use your older car’s insurance policy, if you have one, to see how much you can save on discounts and the No Claim Bonus. Usually, this results in significant financial savings.

Put away the accessories

Another excellent place to cut costs is on accessories. Car dealerships try to persuade you to buy seat covers, floor mats, rain visors, perfumes, etc. Refuse their advances. Should you feel that any of the accessories are necessary, purchase them outside of the showroom. This contributes to considerable financial savings.

Find the best deals on loans

To purchase a car, most people get a bank loan. If you decide to take out a loan, compare rates offered by various banks to determine which one is the best value. Over time, this results in significant cost savings.

Extended warranty – is it necessary?

While all automakers provide you with an extended warranty to cover the first five years, many cars are sold with standard warranties that last two or three years. But there is a financial cost to this. Examine whether this is necessary because modern cars are constructed to a standard that ensures nothing malfunctions or breaks. The car can last longer than any warranty will allow if regular maintenance and timely repairs are performed.

Select the option carefully

The largest savings occur during the variant selection process. Although the top-spec trims are certainly alluring, consider whether you really need features like a sunroof, wireless charging, leather upholstery, an advanced infotainment system, etc. Select a lower variant if you don’t think they matter; you’ll save a ton of money that way.

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