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A Young Entrepreneur or Author – Deepak Thathera



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Among the pioneers of Digital Marketing, Deepak Thathera has been part of the Internet Industry
since his childhood unofficially and now officially as a Digital Marketing Manager at Ikeda Private
Deepak has already got many suffixes with his name an entrepreneur, an author, top digital
marketer, hard worker, and lots more. A graduate from Jodhpur, is definitely the one that goes well
with the saying ‘’ Jack of all, while being the master of some’’. Deepak is one of the most sought
after Entrepreneur and Digital Marketer.

The Long Way covered and still to go…
Not everyone has the ability to plan their future and live their lives the way they desire. We make
plans, but life has other plans for us. Deepak wanted to pursue his career in technical field, but
however; due to family pressure he had to choose biology and completed his in 2019 from

Deepak a tech passionate always wanted to be a renowned name in the field of technology
and hence there were certain forces that channeled his energy and brought him here as a top Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, and a successful author.

Stages of life

Deepak was a keen observer of daily buzz related to technology, he would use to watch You Tube videos on a daily basis, a habit that is still with me, and according to him will always be with him.
He focused on videos that would help him to earn knowledge of Digital Marketing and ways to earn
from that.
He started his professional life as a Digital Marketer at Utkarsh Classes; however that was not the
limit. Deepak soon entered into the freelancing world and completed several projects like that of
You Tube Channel Handling, Social Media Handler, Influencer Marketing, Voice cover, and regardless
to say there was hardly any area left in the digital world that he left. Leaving full time job and work
as a freelancer was not an easy decision and celebrating his family was not an easy task, but he took
chance, and chose what he loved.
In no time,

Deepak Thathera was talk of the town and got opportunities from various companies to
join as Digital Marketer to join their company and help them grow by leaps and bounds.

Deepak Thathera Success Story
Today, as of now Deepak is the Digital MARKETING Manager at Ikeda Private Ltd., a notable
entrepreneur, and heading towards his book Careers in Digital Marketing, an initiative to teach
Digital Skills to goes aspiring to move on his paths. On the part of humanity this book is free as
Deepak wants to see many young tech lovers transforming into top notch Digital Marketers and

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