In this short article, Amir Dayan (אמיר דיין)  will share 10 basic marketing techniques for architects. I will introduce these in more detail in each chapter of the upcoming “Marketing Architect” series of posts.

  1. Keep your presence on social networks – not through your profile, but through the company/company profile. Choose one to three social networks that you are interested in to keep up to date. There is no need to appear on every network, just choose the website you think is valuable!
  2. Amir Dayan (אמיר דיין)   suggests to Invest in professional photographers. The effort and workload you put into creating architectural works is huge, and it is worthy of being photographed by professionals. These photos can be used for many purposes, including showing your work to potential customers and publishing on other platforms: the web, portfolios, blogs, publications and more!
  3. Record your work process. Record, photograph, catalog and save the documents produced during the creative process to obtain the final result of the project. For example, models, drawings, plans, soft rendering, etc. Many people mistakenly abandon these documents and only keep the final construction documents, but the record of the creative process is very valuable.
  4. Attention, attention, attention…think, generate, develop, edit, select, and reconsider what you want to publish and communicate in each communication channel.
  5. Participate in domestic and international competitions. Research and participate. Amir Dayan (אמיר דיין)   says  they can participate in the appraisal of different awards according to the scale, overview, procedures, status and age of the project. Participating in the competition will not only give you a chance to gain recognition for your work, but it will also help increase the visibility of your company. Don’t forget that the jury is usually made up of well-known people, and they will evaluate your project. Many magazines and platforms will organize their own awards and competitions, including WAF + INSIDE, WAN + WIN, A + awards issued by Architizer, IIDA, P/A awards issued by ARCHITECT…
  6. Amir Dayan (אמיר דיין)   suggests  to Generate your own content. Share experiences, processes and ideas. Always support your content with pictures or videos. The text itself does not attract much attention.
  7. Create a visual identity for your company and (as far as possible) each project, but make sure that this communication is consistent. Combine all your communications with the same visual language project, maintaining professionalism, structure, passion and consistency for details. Don’t underestimate this!
  8. Use digital tools to appear on search engines. For example, register with Google’s “My Business” to ensure that search engines can find your company and identify your area of ​​activity. This will also help you to appear on Google Maps.
  9. Link as much as possible: website-social network-search engine-mention on other platforms-backlinks-hyperlinks, etc. This ensures that the digital world sees you as a single entity with different communication channels.
  10. Publish your work! There are many ways to publish: professional international blogs (Archdaily, Dezeen, Designboom, Divisare), print media (magazines, books), these print media are likely to have online versions, professional open platforms (Architizer, Archello, Architonic , Houzz, Homify…), social networks, etc. The editor of the platform will evaluate the quality and profile of your architectural proposal, which will determine whether your work can be published.
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