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Steven Basalari Focuses on Humility (0.25)

Steven Basalari (@stevenbasalari) has plenty of reasons to brag. He’s the owner of several Italian nightclubs. He owns a very profitable e-commerce business, and travels the world, however; Basalari knows the importance of staying humble. Basalari wasn’t always this way….

Ontario’s Volatile Car Insurance Market Can Help Toronto Drivers Cut Their Premiums

Finding an affordable car insurance rate is what all motorists want, but in Ontario, finding the lowest possible premium may be a challenge. The province’s car insurance market is defined by costly premiums driven by volatile vehicle insurance rates, fraud, and…

Go deep. Crawl deep. Share yourself a part. New Instagram Guide

Instagram is a massive and rising social media site, full of book enthusiasts. There are many Instagram books with tens of thousands of followers, whose moderators include books that are very popular and often reposted in attractive images. Users posted more…