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Estate Agents Burst Through The Gates For Mike Oddo’s Market Maker Leads




With a prestigious history in real estate, Mike Oddo – a driven entrepreneur from lake of the Ozarks, now residing in Springfield, MO has real estate agents bursting through the gates for his company Market Maker’s proprietary system ‘Market Maker Leads’.

For several years, Mike terrorised competing agents in his local market, clearing up all the commissions in his vicinity, thus creating a resume of accomplishments including, but not limited to, building a seven figure annual brokerage from the ground up. For some agents, aspiring brokerage owners and existing ones, they would cash out at this field of play. However, Mike has a rep for performing at the highest levels, always, and like most high-performers, high-performing is all they know. They crave challenges, impact, money alone is not enough. Pair this mentality with a sophisticated understanding of direct response principles, large capital, an extensive database from current clients and top of the range employees, it came as no shock when Mike decided he would take the next career step and launch Market Maker, that would continue on to clean up like he did back in the day with his hometown real estate.

What is Market Maker?

Market Maker is Mike’s SaaS company for real estate agents, built for agents, by successful agents. His company developed and owns the software platform Market Maker Leads. In his own words, Mike quotes “When we first built the prototype for Market Maker, we knew this was going to be revolutionary for real estate brokers out there. At that time, I just didn’t know if the tech stack that we built would be something other people would pay for.”

Today, Market Maker is one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S with appearances across several high echelon sites such as Tech Times, INC, and American Reporter for their knack at driving prepositioned appointments to the calendars of estate agents. Simply put, think of Market Maker as a godsend for real estate agents. This all inclusive platform does an exceptional job of generating, qualifying and nurturing “ready to close” leads for agents. Saving the agent time, energy, legwork and money.

To date, Market Maker has generated over 10,000,000 leads for agents across North America through the Market Maker Leads platform,  irrefutable proof of the impact they have in the estate industry.

If you are a real estate agent craving consistent, quality leads to call, you can do your due diligence on Market Maker and Mike Oddo using the links below.
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