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Ghibli Park opens in Japan this November; 5 main areas are fully inspired by different Ghibli films



Ghibli Park opens in Japan this November 5 main areas are fully inspired by different Ghibli films

Regardless of whether you haven’t really watched the films, the majority of us are presumably acquainted with some of Studio Ghibli’s most famous characters like Totoro (from My Neighbor Totoro, 1988) and No Face (from Spirited Away, 2001).

Furthermore, for the individuals who aren’t familiar, these films are undeniably directed by Hayao Miyazaki — perhaps of Japan’s most well-loved animators. The vast majority of his work spins heavily around the basic excellence of nature and youngster fantasy — which will be in every way life with the opening of Ghibli Park in Japan. (Indeed, even the iconic tunnel that Chihiro travels through toward the beginning of Spirited Away!)

Initially, because of being opened in 2020, the completion of the much-anticipated theme park was pushed thanks to the pandemic, and it’s at long last opening this year on 1 November 2022, located in the Aichi Expo Memorial Park in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture!

This Studio Ghibli-themed park is a little glimpse of heaven regardless of whether you’re a Studio Ghibli fan. Envision a whimsical wonderland unpredictably designed to transport you directly into Hayao Miyazaki’simaginary world of Ghibli loaded up with particular adorable characters and fantastical scenes straight out of the films…

Simply investigate the site map and you’ll see that the 200-hectare grounds of Ghibli Park hold various attractions, with five principal regions completely enlivened by various Ghibli films.

  1. Hill of Youth

The entry area of the park is where you’ll find an elevator observation tower with steampunk features suggestive of the vibes from Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) and Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1986). This is where you’ll have the option to take in perspectives on the park and investigate a model of Chikyuu-ya, the notorious iconic antique shop from Whisper of the Heart (1995), as well as look at a small form of the Cat Bureau from The Cat Returns (2002).

  1. Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse

In the event that you totally adored Spirited Away (2001) and considered how it’d feel to be Chihiro wandering around the spirit world in the abandoned amusement park… Here’s where you’ll have the option to wander around a diversion of the eerie town area in the much-loved film, alongside more Ghibli exhibits, shops, restaurants, a children’s playground, and a 170-seat theater. You’ll likewise have the option to find a region totally modeled after scenes from Arrietty (2010)!

  1. Dondoko Forest

Then, this one’s for the Totoro fans — head to Dondoko Forest and enter the world of My Neighbor Totoro (1988) with a replica of Satsuki and Mei’s house set in an enchanting countryside encompassed by lush greenery — and remember to take photos with the 5.2-meter tall Totoro here!

  1. Valley of Witches (opening in 2023)

Roused by Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) and Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989), this is where you can really enter and investigate a genuine 16-meter replica of Howl’s Moving Castle with moving cannons and Howl’s entrancing bedroom! You’ll feel like you’ve teleported straight into the settings of Kiki’s Delivery Service with its European townscape and a replica of the bakery, complete with bread you can buy that very closely resembles the ones in the film.

  1. Mononoke’s Village (opening in 2023)

A genuine recreation of Tatara-ba, the Irontown featured in Princess Mononoke (1997), meet giant statues of the Tatarigami parasitic demons and more fantastical creatures like Lord Okkoto, the boar god!

What’s more, not normal for the standard theme parks with roller coasters (might you at any point imagine a Haku dragon rollercoaster?) or character meet and greets, Ghibli Park doesn’t offer the typical rides yet is rather designed to submerge you completely in the world of Ghibli — so you feel like you’re in the film, rather than only visiting any ordinary theme park with the typical slew of rides and attractions.

Anticipating visiting Ghibli Park once it opens? Tickets go available to be purchased from 10 August 2022, however here’s the trick. Ticket sales for the recreation park’s opening in November will be finished through a lottery system, so if you need to be one of the fortunate few individuals to visit when it opens, you’ll need to enter the ticket lottery through the official Ghibli Park (JP) website! (At the hour of composing, tickets aren’t ready to move through the official Ghibli Park (EN) website presently.)

In any case, regular first-come-first-served tickets for November will be accessible for buy come 10 September 2022 through Boo-Woo Ticket and Loppi machines at Lawson and Mini Stop odds and ends shops in Japan. Furthermore, following that, tickets for the next month will be accessible on the 10th of the prior month.

Seeing how Japan isn’t exactly completely open for travel right now, here’s to hoping with all fingers crossed that Japan opens up in time for us to travel out down to visit this fantastic Ghibli attraction! (Obviously, since Valley of Witches and Mononoke’s Village will just open in 2023, it very well may be better as far as we’re concerned to design a trip down when these park areas at long last open as well.)

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