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Google Chrome 104 is accessible now — here are every one of the new features



Google Chrome 104 is accessible now — here are every one of the new features

Google Chrome has another update that carries some functionality changes alongside fixing 20+ security imperfections. The update, Chrome version 104, has proactively begun carrying out to Chrome clients on Windows, Mac, and Linux and requires a browser revive to activate.

This is the most recent in a series of nigh-monthly updates for Chrome, which will generally be minor given their successive cadence. The last significant update gave Google Chrome a powerful upgrade for searching images that took advantage of AI to power a new “search with Google Lens” feature.

Be that as it may, the new Chrome 104 update, which was released on August 2, brings a large group of essential changes. This incorporates comprehensive screen sharing tools, an experiment in quicker page loading, UI changes for Chromebooks, and security fixes.

Prominently, this update tends to various security vulnerabilities in Chrome. Regardless of whether you care about the new features, you ought to update Chrome to the most recent version to get all the new security updates.

The “LazyEmbeds” experiment

Chrome is now one of the swiftest browsers around, however, Google is attempting to make web pages load much quicker with Chrome 104. Chrome will load up embedded content automatically on pages, without the page requesting it.

This is generally known as “lazy loading” and keeping in mind that Chrome does this for embedded content provided that the page specifically considers it, it will currently move to load it up automatically.

Implanted content typically takes significantly longer to load on a page since they include embed requests and executing scripts that thus influence the performance of a web page.

Ideally, Chrome 104 will drastically improve on that. Nonetheless, this so-called experiment is carried out on only 1% of individuals running Chrome 104 for the present, so don’t be amazed in the event that Chrome on your PC doesn’t have it.

Region capture

With Chrome 104, Google has presented “Region Capture(opens in new tab)” — where you will currently trim self-captured video tracks and pick what part of your screen you need to record or share.

This can be utilized for video conference screen sharing where you can pick precisely which area of the screen you need to project. Prior to this update, if you needed to share simply a particular portion of your screen you were restricted to sharing browser tabs.

Chromebook updates

Chromebooks are good to go to get a refreshed look with Chrome OS 104 that will advance toward the best Chromebooks around.

Google has been revamping the Chrome OS interface, and presently it’s adding a new app launcher. This seems to be Windows’ Start Menu and it is located in the bottom corner of the screen.

There is likewise another Google Search bar and Assistant alternate shortcut now at the top. You can put together and adjust the apps in the app launcher by right-clicking and sorting by icon color or by name.

Google is additionally revamping the System Tray, that area of the Chrome OS desktop which displays icons about the status with things like battery power and Wi-Fi. Update to Chrome OS 104 and you ought to see the new calendar widget and date displayed in the System Tray.

Chromebooks will likewise get “official” dark and light themes that clients can automatically switch between also. Prior you could get “unofficial” light and dark themes however just by enabling a specific “feature flag.” Now at last, like macOS and Windows, Chromebooks get full-fledged light and dark modes.

Security fixes and other updates

There are numerous security fixes that Google is carrying with Chrome 104 — 27 of them to be exact. A large number of them are little fixes that address vulnerabilities in the operating system, so it’s really smart to update your copy of Chrome at the earliest opportunity.

Other new features of Chrome 104 incorporate the choice to quit putting away credit card information for later buys in Secure Payment Confirmation. There are a lot more developer tools(opens in a new tab) that Google has launched with Chrome 104 too.

When and how to get the update?

Google Chrome 104 is a significant update and has proactively begun carried out to everybody. It very well maybe half a month prior to everybody getting the update, however, as indicated by Google.

To introduce the update manually, you can click on the menu button inside Chrome (three dots on the top right corner) and click on “Help” and afterward on “About Google Chrome.”

From that point you ought to have the option to begin the update, however, you should restart your browser to activate it. You can check your version number likewise to check whether it has updated to the most recent version of Chrome 104: 104.0.5112.81.

Google might not have carried big-ticket features to Chrome 104 in this update — yet it enhances currently quite possibly the best browsers.

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