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How to Get Points, Badges and Rewards in the Google Local Guides Program



How to Get Points, Badges and Rewards in the Google Local Guides Program

The Google Local Guide program offers incentives for users to enhance their business profiles and maps. Sign up now to begin receiving rewards, badges, and points!

Google relies on volunteers known as Local Guides to continuously update Maps and Search with details about local businesses and attractions.

When you are visiting a new location, these volunteers provide reviews, photos, and videos to aid in your decision-making.

Local Guides receive virtual rewards from Google’s program, which encourages people to contribute to keeping Maps up to date, even though they do it for the benefit of searchers.

Local Guides may also check the information that companies submit. Anyone can sign up and post reviews to gain points and benefits.

The Local Guide program is described in this article along with how to sign up, what to do, and the rewards you can receive.

What Is The Google Local Guide Program?

Users are encouraged to assist in enhancing Google Maps and Business Profiles through the Google Local Guide program.

It functions similarly to a game, where you can unlock badges and move up to new levels by earning points for your contributions.

When you answer questions or write reviews on Maps, your badge appears next to your name. This proves that you are an informed member of the community.

Points, Levels & Badges

Points can be obtained by adding the following features to Google Maps:

Write a review – 10 points.
Write a 200+ character review – 10 bonus points.
Rate a business – 1 point.
Upload a photo – 5 points.
Tag a photo – 3 points.
Add a caption to a photo – 10 points.
Upload a video – 7 points.
Answer – 1 point.
Respond to Q&As – 3 points.
Edit information – 5 points.
Add a place – 15 points.
Add a road – 15 points.
Check a fact – 1 point.

As you accrue points in the Local Guides program, you’ll advance to new levels.

The following are the levels of the local guides program:

Level 1 – 0 points.
Level 2 – 15 points.
Level 3 – 75 points.
Level 4 – 250 points.
Level 5 – 500 points.
Level 6 – 1,500 points.
Level 7 – 5,000 points.
Level 8 – 15,000 points.
Level 9 – 50,000 points.
Level 10 – 100,000 points.

When you reach level four or above, you’ll receive a badge that shows up in Google Maps next to your name.

Image Google Maps

Local Guides used to receive great benefits from Google, such as free cloud storage and savings on media and apps.

But, Google declined those extras as the Local Guides program expanded, and it now only gives out badges in recognition of user contributions.

Google may occasionally grant Local Guides early access to new features, though it makes no such promises.

How to Sign Up For Google Local Guides Program

  1. Click on Get Started on the Google Local Guides signup page.
  2. Click “Become a Local Guide” after entering the name of your city.
  3. By creating content, you can begin to accrue points on Google Maps.

You can track your advancement to the next level using the dashboard.

You’ll receive recommendations for places to review based on the locations you’ve visited if you permit Google to access your location history.

However, to be a Local Guide, you do not have to turn on location tracking. There’s always the option to look up locations on your own and add details.

How Local Guides Can Impact SEO

The content that Local Guides contribute is crucial to local search marketing.

A business’s visibility and search rankings can be greatly enhanced by the user-generated content, such as reviews and photos, that Local Guides publish about it.

Companies may draw attention to this content by interacting with it, answering reviews, and collaborating with prominent Local Guides.

Participating in the Local Guides community can also help you gain insightful customer feedback and cultivate connections with influential users who can help you market your company.

Businesses can take advantage of new opportunities by staying up to date with changes to the Local Guides program.


Being a Google Local Guide is open to anyone with a Google account.

All you have to do is contribute enough to Google Maps and Business Profiles by adding precise data, images, and incisive comments.

Google will place a badge next to your name on reviews once you reach level four. This demonstrates to others your expertise as a Local Guide.

Google’s Local Guides program is an effort to show gratitude to those who contribute to the ongoing maintenance and usefulness of Google Maps.

It’s a pleasant extra that can increase your online visibility and trustworthiness in Google users’ eyes.

Sign up to be a Local Guide now if you want to be recognized for your contributions to the improvement of Google Maps.

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