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International Polar Bear Day 2020: History and Importance of Polar Bear Day



International Polar Bear Day 1

International Polar Bear Day is an annual event praised every February 27 to raise awareness about the conservation status of the polar bear. International Polar Bear Day is organized by Polar Bears International to raise awareness about the effect of global warming and decreased sea ice on polar bear populaces.

International Polar Bear Day urges individuals to discover approaches to diminish their carbon output, for example, by turning down their thermostats or driving less. The day has likewise been utilized to empower the establishment of energy-proficient protection in houses.

Polar Bear International is a group run by conservationists, researchers, and volunteers attempting to instruct the general population about the impacts of environmental change on the Arctic region. All the more explicitly, they concentrate on how global warming is gradually devastating the habitat of polar bears and unfavorably influencing their populace.

National Polar Bear Day, otherwise called International Polar Bear Day, concentrates endeavors around February 27th to become familiar with the polar bear and conservation endeavors where the polar bear is concerned.

Polar bears can reach a height of 9 ft tall and a weight of 1400 pounds. They have enormous front paws, which are somewhat webbed, that are utilized to paddle as they swim. As they are incredible swimmers, some polar bears have been seen swimming several miles from land. Be that as it may, some of the distance may have been covered by skimming on sheets of ice.

The polar bears have a warming layer of fat which is covered by their thick layer of protecting fur which causes them to live in the colder environments.

A few associations utilize this day to bring issues to light of the declining number of polar bears around the world. It is believed by numerous that these lovely animals are compromised because of global warming and the weighty loss of their natural habitat. Groups around the globe assemble to discover approaches to have any kind of effect and spread data to other people.

Polar bears are fluffy and superb beasts that wander through the cool arctic ice. Be that as it may, in the previous barely any years, the ice caps in the artic have been melting at a quicker rate than it can change.

Along these lines, polar bears have been losing their habitats, their sources of food, and at last, passing on from starvation and disease. Polar Bear Day intends to bring issues to light of these factors by empowering change.

International Polar Bear Day: History

Numerous zoos utilize the day to teach about polar bear preservation and to urge appearance to polar bear exhibits. It has likewise had some political effect. Jack Shapiro, the deputy climate campaign manager under American president Barack Obama, utilized the day to contend for the requirement for Congressional activity on the issue of environmental change. The University of Saskatchewan reported in 2014 that it would turn its thermostats up two degrees in the summer and down two degrees Celsius in the winter to respect International Polar Bear Day. The decision is relied upon to diminish the university’s carbon emissions by 2,000 tons and spare the university more than 200,000 dollars for each year.

How to Celebrate Polar Bear Day?

Give some cash to the Polar Bear International association to help fund research into the impacts of environmental change. Talk with your companions, family, and associates about what climate change is, and share a few facts you have found out about polar bears.

Help decrease your carbon footprint by recycling more, utilizing less water, bicycling to work, or purchasing things from environmental-friendly organizations. Share this holiday via social media, print out flyers from the Polar Bear International toolkit, and share it with your community.

How to Participate in International Polar Bear Day?

  • By making small improvements in your regular daily life, you can help have any kind of effect.
  • Polar Bears International is requesting that you give to the Plant a Tree for Polar Bears and ‘support the carbon-reduction efforts’
  • Make some polar bear masks and post the photos on the ARKive FB site.
  • Encourage your kids or study hall to Adopt a Polar Bear.
  • Participate or organize a Polar Bear Plunge and give the funds to the reason.
  • Learn more about Polar Bears.

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