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It may soon be possible to share another user’s profile on Instagram stories



It may soon be possible to share another user's profile on Instagram stories

In 2016, Instagram released Stories. Users can upload videos and images with this feature, but they disappear after a day. After launching, this interactive feature has gained a lot of traction and changed the game for Instagram, with 500 million daily users as of 2019. The photo and video-sharing website owned by Meta (previously Facebook) is now looking to launch a new feature for Stories. Users may soon be able to share another user’s Instagram profile on their Stories on Instagram. A well-known developer was the first to notice the impending feature.

X (formerly Twitter) developer Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) has hinted that Instagram is developing a new feature that will let users share other users’ profiles on their Stories. It is said that this feature functions similarly to the current “Add to Story” option. Users have the option to invite their followers to visit and follow a different profile by showcasing it on their Instagram Story.

According to the screenshot that Paluzzi posted, Stories will prompt users to click on the “View Profile” button in order to access the specified profile. When this feature launches, it should make it easier for users to share profiles, boost the visibility of influencers’ and content creators’ accounts, and grow their following. The profile invites, like the images and videos shared in Stories, should vanish after 24 hours and not show up in the feed or on the profile grid.

Many new features have recently been added to Instagram. It brought song lyrics display functionality to reels, giving users more ways to personalize reels with their favorite songs. Additionally, the platform released new Reels editing features, such as the ability to rotate and crop individual clips.

The Close Friends feature, which enables users to share posts and reels to their main feed that are only visible to those on the list, has been expanded on the Meta-owned app. For Instagram users in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland, Meta currently offers a paid ad-free subscription.

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