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Jake Privette and Mar Privette Are Educating The Future With Mamba Finance



Jake Privette and Mar Privette Are Educating The Future With Mamba Finance

Jake Privette and his wife Mar Privette are two bright adults who began their professional careers in ministerial leadership. Always wanting to help lead and mentor people, the duo worked in ministry full-time before being introduced to an opportunity that would change their lives. The opportunity was launching Mamba Finance, which has become one of the fastest-growing financial services companies.

Prior to founding Mamba Finance, the Privette’s had no prior knowledge in entrepreneurship, finance, or business, but their leadership and determination to keep pushing through failures allowed for success. Because of the vast connections they built in the finance industry, the agency can help anyone and will ensure they receive the best advice and services. 

Working with Mamba Finance comes at no cost to the customer, there are no fees to you as the business gets paid by the companies they work with. This model has allowed the firm to appeal to more customers and impact more families and people. 

Since its inception in 2020, Mamba Finance’s ever-growing team led by Jake and Mar Privette have helped countless individuals and families. They are on a constant quest to bridge the gap for all to obtain the necessary tailored financial education and guidance. The agency has recently expanded operations to West Palm Beach, Florida, and plan to continue expansion in the future. 

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