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Kamolwan Manns, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Fashion Fantasy, and her team, are launching ‘Fantasies’ a new dating app




The entrepreneur is adding the new dating app as part of the Fashion Fantasy e-commerce empire.

Welcome Kamolwan. Can you tell us about the new dating app, ‘Fantasies’?

Absolutely, Fantasies is the dating app where people get to know new people by signing up to the application. It isreally easy; you just have to download the app and start connecting with new people in your area or even around the world.

What is the story behind the new app?

So, one of my friends has been trying to find the right person but the problem is he works a lot and doesn’t really get a chance to meet new people. One day we were having a conversation about it, and I just started thinkinghow I could help him with getting out there. It started with helping him, but it has grown to helping people from all over the world. Fantasies is all about helping people meet new people that are right for them.

Who has developed the app?

Our in-house Fashion Fantasy Co team are developing the app ready to launch for the Valentine’s Day 2022.

Is the app exclusively for women?

Not really, we are open for everyone to sign up and meet new friends.  

Will it be a casual dating app?

The special thing about this app is we will make sure when you use the app you will be safe. We will make it to where on the first date, you book it through the app,that way you will have the meeting location through the app, and it will be on the record for your safety.

What can visitors expect when they download the app?

The application will launch on Valentine’s Day – February 14th, 2022, falling in line for the month of love.

Will this be a paid for service?

You will be able to download the app for free and we will have both a free plan and a paid plan.

How are you tying in the app to the Fashion Fantasy clothing brand?

We will launch the Fantasies app to collaborate with the Fashion Fantasy Co brand. I will share more information on how the two will work together closer to launch date!

Finally, you mention the Fashion Fantasy and Fantasies Dating App team. Who are your core team?

Absolutely! I am the Founder and CTO of Fashion Fantasy and Fantasies App Director, Alexander David Manns is the Founder and CEO. Anne Xu is COO of Fashion Fantasy, Joseph Perry is CEO Assistant of Fashion Fantasy, Raymond Kulwicki is our CMO and Social Media Director of Fashion Fantasy and RuhaniMakhija is the Editor of Fashion Fantasy. We are a growing team!

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