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Landscape Lighting: Guide for Tree Lighting



Landscape Lighting Guide for Tree Lighting

Trees are not just to provide shade to your house; they are like a blank canvas waiting to be transformed. Tree lighting can change the entire landscape design by how lights are positioned. They can be used to create a focal element in the landscape or a warm, inviting outdoor space.

Uplighting and downlighting trees can create various ambiances and help illuminate the landscape. With the help of knowledge and the right fixtures, you can decorate your own landscape. Here are some tips and advice on landscape lighting from CSK Electric experts.

Understand your Landscape

Before working on the lighting, you must analyze and understand your landscape. Each tree has its unique characteristics and features. With the right lighting technique, you can enhance these unique features. By understanding the layout, one can determine where to place the lights and what fixture is needed.

How to Create Uplighting?

There are some basic rules when uplighting any tree on a landscape. On small trees or trees with less coverage, only one accent light of 35° is needed. However, it is important to consider the angle for view of the lights. If the tree is viewed from two angles, two accent lights are required.

For trees with medium coverage, it is much better to cross-light with two accent lights of 35°. This is done so that there will be more concentration of lights on the canopy. The lights have to be positioned in a way that grazes the trunk and is focused on the canopy.

Tips for Downlighting

A well-lit area is always good to see and gives a sense of pleasure and energy. Downlighting helps to make the area inviting for social gatherings. These lights can be installed on gazebos and pergolas.

When providing a gathering area in the landscape, identify the tree with extensive coverage and lots of branches. Place one small accent light of 60°. Make sure to install them at 4 feet above the lowest branch level or 25 feet above the ground. Point the light downwards and experiment with the right angle to get the desired ambiance. Make sure to avoid placing accent lights behind too many branches, as light may not reach the area.

When in Doubt, Seek Help

Installation of landscape lighting is not an easy task; it is a skill that is acquired with time. Though DIY methods may help save money, one may not have the right tools and equipment to carry out proper installation. This may lead to safety issues and injuries while working on it. In order to create a safe working environment, it is therefore best to seek assistance from lighting experts and electrical contractors, as they have the necessary tools and adhere to safety procedures.

They also guarantee that there are no electrical hazards of any type associated with the installed lighting. These experts have the knowledge and skills and have access to high-quality products. They are also equipped with the necessary tools to help provide good landscape lighting. They have years of experience and can offer creative solutions to complex problems.

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