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Manish Tiwari’s Agency ‘Here and Now 365’ Has Consistently Bringing Leading South Asian Brands To The Forefront



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Manish is the managing director and founder of one of the UK’s leading media and multicultural marketing agencies which has been at the forefront for the past 16 years and still growing.

Today, Manish Tiwari is a well-known name amongst media circles in the UK as he has worked as a multicultural marketing specialist for more than a decade and has successfully carved his own niche which makes him stand apart from others. He founded his media and marketing agency Here and Now 365 in 2005, which specializes in brand communications and building bridges between brands and diverse multicultural communities in the UK. It has become one of the leading advertising and marketing agencies in the country. He has got some of the leading South Asian brands in the forefront, which was not the case a decade ago. Manish recollects how spotting Indian brands anywhere in the UK was a big deal 20 years back when he had just landed in London.

On a few occasions, he has even seen Indian tourists excitedly capturing images of Indian brands on their cameras which were on display on the London Underground. Today, that’s a thing of the past, as he along with his agency have been consistently working on getting multicultural brands to establish a strong presence all over the country.

When asked how he feels about his achievements and coming a long way to become this successful, Manish says, “It has been a long journey and a fruitful one indeed, it has taken us 16 long years, numerous employees and more than 100+ British brands to establish our prowess as cultural specialist. I can proudly say that my company has introduced some iconic brands from India and South Asia including Dabur, Airtel, SBI, HDFC, Unilever India, Taj Mahal, Brooke Bond, and many more to UK markets. The biggest achievement for my company so far has been the Award winning TV Ads for NHS which was rolled out Nationally and ASDA festivals ad which has boosted the teams’ confidence.
It was also an honour to be featured by the Guardian among the top 20 diversity professionals across the world. With each passing day, we are striving to achieve more milestones and going ahead as a company conquering unknown areas.”

Manish Tiwari has been excelling in his area of work and has taken over the advertising and marketing industry big time. “Plans are on to expand to newer territories which range from media execution to large scale TV productions to events and become a globally acclaimed media agency in coming times as the world becomes increasingly global and multicultural,” concludes the industry veteran.

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