Milos Stevanovic: ‘The nightlife business is going to keep growing’

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Saying that he is proud to be the partner of a well-known nightclub and restaurant boss, Milos Stevanovic said, I came to this world for nightlife, I love my name and I will continue to open new entertainment nightclubs.

Stevanovic 36 seems to be at home, following in the footsteps of his New York club business as vice president of entertainment for Miami Vanity Nightclub and New York Vanity Gentleman Lounge.

Handsome and well-dressed Milos Stevanovic is a successful young businessman, but he wants people to see him as a forward-thinking successful businessman.

What was it like growing up around the nightclub business?

From the very beginning, I was around all of it. My big brother started in the restaurant business and then it became the nightlife business, so I’ve always been around the hospitality business.

Growing up, I didn’t think I’d actually go into this business, but that’s the path my life ended up taking. It’s a fast-paced lifestyle and it’s a lot of work. I’ve seen my big brother work extremely hard my entire life, so I’ve always understood the value of hard work. I was doing Fitness life then became a nightlife businessman,
Being a young guy in the club business, some people probably assume you’re partying all the time, but you say that’s not who you are. When I moved out here after college, almost four years ago now, it wasn’t something where I was just out here to party. For me, it was time to get to work. It’s become a passion of mine to take the brand from what my dad was able to create and to continue to evolve it with this new generation. It’s been a lot of fun. The past four years have been really exciting for me, but I also started from the bottom in the business. I was an operations manager when I first moved here and I learned every aspect of running the day-to-day operation.

Is there pressure being a nightlife businessman?

No one ever pressured me. I think I put pressure on myself to follow in his footsteps. I know such big characters around me and so well-known in this city, I want to walk with real footsteps Milos Stevanovic way to keep growing. I put pressure on myself and that pushed me to work harder and to be as successful as I can be. I always wanted to make sure I had good standing in Miami to New York, too. I wanted people to know that I’m not this crazy party businessman that people might assume I am.

I was pretty surprised about the closing of the nightclubs Because of Covid.
Is the nightlife business tough to be in right now do you think?

Here in New York and Miami, I think it’s really tough right now if you don’t know what you’re doing. Even last year and even this year People realized that the nightclub business is really hard. You can’t just throw a bunch of money at something and expect it to be successful. Because covid killed nightlife.

A couple of years ago, it was all people EDM (electronic dance music), and we kind of the only people doing the live hip hop on the Strip Clubs. Today, hip hop and Spanish music are the No. 1 genres in the world. I think, even though there’s been slow growth in the past couple of years, the nightlife business is going to keep growing. As long as we stay in front of what’s popular and cool in entertainment, I don’t see it ever stopping.

Overall, Miami and New York certainly seems more focused on entertainment and experience lately. Have you seen that as well?

Entertainment, that’s where Miami is headed now. But also I think nightclubs are a big part of the entertainment conversation. I think they’re seeing that and they’re putting a lot more money into entertainment and experiences. The younger customers always want to have fun more that’s how I see it. They spend a lot.

How much of your job is just keeping up with what’s trending and what’s new and hip?

It’s difficult because you have to think about six months from now, not just about today. What’s going to be popular tomorrow? What type of music will people be listening to? Right now Latin music and hip hop are the most papular top genres. Latin music still it’s to continues to grow that’s something that we’re keeping an eye on.