Model Turned Newfound DJ, How Savanna Rey Built Her Personal Brand in Two Industries

Model Turned Newfound DJ How Savanna Rey Built Her Personal Brand in Two Industries

The whole world is living in a global pandemic, leaving many people lost in their life journey. Everything seems to be getting put to a halt with no real answer as to when life will go back to what we were once used to. This time of uncertainty can make or break an individual who is pursuing their dreams. Will they fold, or will they come out on top? For Savanna Rey, there is only one outcome that she’s willing to accept. Her passion and hard work ethic are guiding her on her journey to become a world-famous DJ.

From the age of thirteen, Savanna knew that she wanted to make music for a living. When she turned sixteen, she would spend a lot of her free time on music and modeling on the side. When the opportunity to pursue modeling, full time was on the table, Savanna made the hard decision to put a pause on her DJ career.

Savanna ultimately knew that she would return to making music; it would only be a matter of time. Throughout her social media modeling career, she established a 1.3 million following on Instagram and built capital to fund her music career she would one day return to. She now uses her platforms to push her music to her following and gaining popularity at a fast rate in the music industry. Her first few releases on Spotify performed well enough to earn her a contract with Rumor Records, who plans on helping Savanna take her career to the next level. 

2021 is going to be an enormous year for growth for the up-and-coming DJ. With plans to tour college campuses to broadcast her talents, Savanna Rey is making moves left and right. 2020 was a year that left many wondering what their purpose is, but for Savanna Rey, it was an opportunity to get back to her one true love of making music. Keep an eye on this young DJ as she continues to blossom in the music industry.

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