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Mumbai’s Dr. Leena Jain on the Cutting Edge of Plastic Surgery Techniques for Neck Contracture



Mumbais Dr. Leena Jain on the Cutting Edge of Plastic Surgery Techniques for Neck Contracture

Neck contracture refers to a condition with decreased range of motion and stiffness in the neck due to shortening or tightening of the neck skin, soft tissue, fascia and muscles. Plastic surgery for neck contractures release the scar, restores full range of neck movements and prevents recurrence of contracture. The surgery also focuses on improving appearance and natural profile of the patient. 

Dr. Leena Jain, one of Mumbai’s leading Hand, Reconstructive Microsurgeon and Plastic Surgeon, states,’ Plastic surgery for neck contracture offers the scope for superior aesthetic outcome along with functional improvement in neck movements. Depending upon the patient’s condition, I resurface with flaps to give a permanent solution.

Patients in this condition have difficulty turning their head, looking up or down, or moving their neck in any direction. Neck contracture occurs mainly following burns to face and neck region.

Neck contracture affects daily living due to limited neck movements. Patient’s neck bends forward and there is inability in straightening or extending the neck. It hampers normal neck movement and causes a pull on the lower lip and angles of the mouth. lower lip eversion causes exposure of lower gums and teeth affecting their quality and integrity. Angles of mouth being pulled down causes drooling of saliva.

Neck contracture can be resolved by seeing a Plastic Surgeon because it can cause serious emotional trauma as well as cosmetic and functional issues that should be repaired as soon as possible. To avoid imbalanced or disproportionate growth in the head and neck region, early surgical repair in children is preferred.

Plastic surgery is the only effective treatment option for neck contracture, depending on the severity. First the neck contracture is released completely to gain maximal extension and then raw area created is covered. The specific type of plastic surgery depends on the individual patient’s needs and may include flaps, skin grafts, tissue expansion, or scar release and revision with Z plasty. Skin grafts involve taking skin from another part of the body and transplanting it to the affected area in the neck. Tissue expansion involves inserting a balloon-like device under the skin to gradually stretch it, creating more skin to cover the area affected by the contracture. Scar revision consists of excising the scar tissue and suturing the skin together in a zig zag manner such that the scars become soft and supple as they mature to allow for greater flexibility and mobility.

Dr Leena Jain enumerates the main advantages of microsurgery in resolving neck contracture issues: that is resurfacing with free flaps where there is zero or minimal possibility of recurrence, better skin match and superior aesthetic outcome. Also, using suitable skin flaps in terms of colour and thinness ensures desired mobility and appearance. 

Dr Leena Jain shares a patient story of 25 YO young girl who had earlier undergone skin grafting twice for treatment of thermal burns sustained to neck.  Despite two skin grafts, she experienced restricted head and neck movements due to recurrence of contractures. Hence, she approached Dr Leena Jain for a repeat surgery with the hope of improving her looks and regaining range of head and neck movements.

Dr Leena Jain performed a free flap reconstruction surgery using tissue from her lateral chest wall.  She used this flap to resurface the neck defect as it matched well with the neck skin in terms of colur and thinness.  Anastomosis was done with facial vessels. After nearly two weeks, she recovered well and was able to regain complete range of neck movements.

In yet another similar case of thermal burns, a young boy with burnt scars located below the eye till the neck on the left cheek approached Dr Leena Jain with the hope to improve his face and appearance. He was aspiring to become a doctor and was appearing for the NEET examination.

Dr Leena Jain performed a free flap surgery to resurface the entire scarred skin. She performed a microvascular surgery to resurface the face with tissue taken from lateral chest wall called TDAP flap. The flap set well with the rest of the skin tone of the face while contour matched well with the opposite normal side of face. The young patient was immensely satisfied with his new face and look. Also, he regained his confidence to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor.

Dr Leena Jain sums up by saying, “As a revolutionary advancement in burns reconstruction, free flap surgery has transformed the field by enhancing both function and aesthetics while effectively preventing the return of contractures. Microsurgery has replaced traditional skin grafting techniques, paving the way for a new definition of the ideal beautiful normal.”

About Dr Leena Jain

Dr Leena Jain, a Hand, Reconstructive Microsurgeon and Plastic Surgeon, has over nine years of experience in her field. Dr Jain is passionate about her work, and her dedication to her patients and diligence in her surgeries are evident. She carefully considers her patients’ long-term results and occupations to provide them with the best surgical options for a timely resumption of work and a normal lifestyle.

Dr Jain specializes in various surgical procedures, including Reconstructive Microsurgery for tumors, trauma, burns, and congenital conditions. She also performs Hand Surgeries for congenital hand defects, trauma, tumors, burns, deformities, leprosy, tendon, nerve, and vessel injuries, as well as nail complex deformities. 

Dr Leena Jain is available for consultation at 

  • Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre, A- 791 Ground Floor, Krishna Chandra Marg, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West. Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
  • Plastikos Clinic, A Wing, 403, Lancelot Building, S. V. Road, Borivali West -400090
  • Cell No: +91 98209 91853
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