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In conversation with rising star Kyle Marcus Brown



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We are seeing so many sports people who are inspiring millions world wide. Recently Olympics is the best example of it. Its high time covid problem is coming close to end so once again we will see Basketball court shouting for top players.

As we are coming closer to new season we got an chance to get an quick interview with rising star of Basketball Kyle Marcus Brown. Here’s what he replied to our questions.

Q: Explain what are your strenghts as a Basketball Player

My strengths as a basketball player are playing defense, creating my shot for others and myself. I take pride in playing defense. Playing my opponents 94ft because I would hate for anyone to think their comfortable going against me.

Q: What experience do you have as a Basketball Player

As a basketball player I have played and practice with team USA. I’ve also scrimmaged and worked out with the Skyhawks G league team and also the WNBA Chicago Sky team.Each summer I get the opportunity to practice and train with NBA trainers and players and overseas players, that are having great careers.
When I was in High school I was one of the top guards in the valley. I’ve played against players like the ball brothers, played the best teams in Los Angeles, Damien High school , Chino Hills , mater Dei, and more. At the college level, I’ve played the best guards and players. Playing D1 you get to see some of the best talent. My experience as a player is only going up from here.

Q: Do you Consider yourself successful right now?
Right now I wouldn’t say I’m successful but I can say I’m blessed. There are a lot of kids who would love to be in my position so I’d call myself blessed. When I am in the NBA or playing overseas making money, then I can call my self successful.

Q: How you manage your social platforms ?

I manage my social platforms by posting workout pictures and just keeping it simple. When it comes to social media I like to keep my fans updated with what’s going on in with my basketball career.

Q: Have you enjoyed your time as a college player? Secondly, how do you balance being a student-athlete?

I have enjoyed my time as a college player. It has been a blessing and a journey to be where I am at. College is not easy and it is not for everyone. I have been to four different schools and I’m ready for my pro career to start. Being a student athlete can be hard at times. You have to find a schedule and follow it you can’t put things to the side and say you will do it later because at that time something else will catch up with you and now you will find yourself behind.

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