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Nidal Rasheed, the Young Entrepreneur, is a Perfect Mentor to Aspiring New Talent as He Shares a Few Helpful Life Lessons



Nidal Rasheed the Young Entrepreneur is a Perfect Mentor to Aspiring New Talent as He Shares a Few Helpful Life Lessons

Nidal Rasheed, owner of Silvertail Property Group, successful entrepreneur, speaker, and financial education advocate talks about how he got to where he is at today and shares a few anecdotes to help aspiring new talent.

Ask any business owner, entrepreneur, CEO about how they got to where they are at present, and they’ll open a Pandora’s Box of struggles and colorful life lessons they had to endure and learn on their way up the success ladder. Nidal Rashhed’s story is no different. Starting very young and experimenting with new business ventures meant that the risk of failure was pretty high. Despite knowing this, Nidal’s passion never wavered and he continued to experiment and learn from his setbacks.

When Nidal suffered a loss in his restaurant business, he didn’t give up altogether but instead analyzed the situation carefully to see where the problem lay and implemented the solutions in his next business venture. He saw the core of the problem and decided to completely restructure the business strategy. Hence, dedication, persistence, and patience are the keys to having a successful business in the end.

Nidal always stresses on keeping one thing at a time at the back of your mind’s eye and focus on just that. Once that goal is achieved one can move onto the next.

“As an entrepreneur its easy to get excited about new ideas and pursue different ventures. If I was to start all over again, I would keep things very focused and go deep rather than go wide,” according to Nidal.

Moreover, Nidal’s hiring policy is also quite different from many other companies, looking to hire new talent. He believes in having the essential qualities of a team player and hard worker are more important than the skills. The applicant must resonate with the company and its mode of operating, meanwhile having a keen interest in the field itself as well. Skills can always be taught but if the person isn’t interested in the industry he is working in, then he won’t be able to give his hundred percent. This should be an example for many hiring companies who hire merely by just looking at the applicant’s CV.

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