Nothing can be a barrier when you want to pursue your dream| Mohammad Subhan

Entrepreneurship feels like a heavy word to many people ,but there are people living in the world of dreams , moreover they make their dreams come true with utmost perfection.

Dreams Don’t work unless or until you do , this is a super common quote , but exhibits a career mantra in it. Career Mantra can be anything that motivates you to bring out the best out of you. Having Turning thoughts into reality is just every young lad ever , Mohammad subhan , from uttar Pradesh , is an astonishing example for the young people who needs an inspiration.

At an age where people seeks money from their parents, Mohammad started his startup and made it successful. When he was 16, he became a digital entrepreneur and started marketing. Mohammad Subhan stands at a crucial age of 19 of his career, moreover, he owns a company, famemedia__ , which is quite popular among the digital marketing world.

Subhan completed his schooling in commerce stream and now pursuing bachelor’s in commerce itself. With college he is continuing his buisness of digital marketing. When he was young he started freelancing and kept on learning newer skills every passing day.

Just in the span of three years, he was able to enhance his abilities, which made him really popular among celebrities. Right now he is handling accounts of celebrities and being an inspiration for the people of his stream.

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