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Renowned Cosmetic Dentist Dr. John Badolato’s Keys to Success



Dr. John Badolato

Dr. John Badolato’s journey to dental domination has not come easy.

Owner of Arizona’s top cosmetic Dental practice Studio B Smiles, Badolato built his franchise from nothing to profitable in 12 months.

“I initially planned to go to medical school to become a plastic surgeon,” he says.

After a candid conversation with a surgeon months before starting medical school, Badolato realized plastic surgery was not the right career for him and decided to pursue a career in cosmetic dentistry.

He finished his dental degree at the University of Missouri, earning honours and recognition of his mastery of advanced cosmetic dentistry.

After a brief stint working as an associate for a dental practice in Tempe, Arizona, Badolato took a leap of faith and delved into the world of self-employment. He worked alongside his father, Bill Badolato, a financial guru, and together they created Studio B Smiles in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Since they opened their doors in 2004, the business has grown 20-30 percent each year.

A huge reason for his consistent growth is his ability to market his company as a partner for three major sports leagues.

Studio B Smiles is the official dental provider for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association, Phoenix Mercury of the Women’s National Basketball Association and the Arizona Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball.

“It started off as a small marketing partnership,” says Badolato.

Badolato used his charm and bright smile to network and build a strong relationship with high-level members of the Suns’ training staff, allowing his business to become the official dental provider of the Phoenix Suns.

While mingling with the Suns organization, Badolato earned the business of several Arizona Diamondbacks baseball players through word of mouth. As more MLB players started to walk through his doors, the St. Louis native became the official dentist of the Diamondbacks. The WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury followed suit shortly after.

Badolato’s ability to connect with members of professional sport derives from his love for sports at an early age.

“I thought it would be amazing if I could ever put myself in a position where I could take care of local athletes and their families,” says Badolato.

Plans for a third practice have begun, as Badolato and the Phoenix Suns plan to open an office in Arcadia together.

Badolato never turns down a prospective client, even if he doesn’t agree with their wishes.

“I’ve had some interesting patients in the past, but I’ve never had to turn someone completely away,” he says. “I have, however, had to ask a patient not to tell anyone that I did their teeth.”

The patient requested Badolato and his team install fangs in hopes of looking like a vampire.

“The patient was determined to have vampire fangs, so that’s what he got,” Badolato laughs. “He loves his smile though, and that is what really matters.”

Studio B Smiles offers patients a wide variety of quality services such as dental cleanings, fillings, crowns, Invisalign, whitening, veneers and more.

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