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Renowned Norco ice cream factory in Lismore has reopened after a $100 million renovation



Renowned Norco ice cream factory in Lismore has reopened after a $100 million renovation

The town’s famous ice cream factory was destroyed along with everything else by a record-breaking 14.4-meter flood.

However, the renowned Norco ice cream factory in Lismore, New South Wales, has returned after nearly two difficult years.

For more than a century, the household brand has been a recognizable feature of Lismore, sourcing milk and dairy products from nearby farmers for 128 years.

Workers said that it “seemed pretty impossible to come back from” the devastating floods that struck the town 18 months ago.

Employee Glen at Norco remarked, “To be honest, it looked like a warzone like a bomb had hit the place, the whole town.”

Built on the banks of the Wilsons River, the factory had never seen a flood as high as 2.2 meters in 2022. 

The $100 million rebuild and extensive clean-up project have made the ice cream factory’s reopening even more delicious.

“I’m still kind of pinching myself today going, ‘We’re back, we’re here, we did it,'” Jess, an employee, said.

Michael Hampson, the CEO of Norco, commended the company’s staff for their dedication and the $34.7 million the federal government contributed to the reconstruction.

“A lot of our team members here did the clean-up job there’s been a lot of work that’s gone on over the last 18 months,” Hampson stated.

“This facility wouldn’t be where it is today without the generous help of the Australian government.”

Norco decided to spend the money to rebuild its original location on the river, even though there was a chance of floods in the future in the area.

“It would have cost probably another $100 million to move the site somewhere else and we just didn’t have that kind of money,” Hampson stated.

This time, the 650-kilogram door and wider, stronger walls are intended to protect the 18 enormous ice cream silos within from flooding as much as possible.

Additionally, 15-meter-tall mezzanine spaces have been constructed to house vital electrical equipment.

Amazingly, the company has been able to accept back every single worker who desired to rejoin the team.

Additionally, they have created two new ice cream flavors for their supporters to savor. 

”(We’ve) been around for 128 years supporting farmers and we want it to be around for another 128 years at least,” Hampson said.

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