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Sri Jagatguru’s Divine assistance to cope with epidemic anxiety



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Meditation, Spiritualism, Yoga are the key words to beat mental apprehension

Sonepat, Haryana, India: Renowned Spiritual Guru Sri Sri Santoshi Baba and
proudly addressed as Sri Jagatguru once again extends his support in this pandemic
crisis to the underprivileged and other people with mental stress to make their lives

The pandemic has also brought with it a whole lot of other uncertainties and anxieties
besides the constant fear of getting infected too. Sri Jagatguru feels that in these
moments of crisis, the best way to conquer it is with Meditation, Spiritualism, and
Yoga. “These will surely put a spanner in the constantly buzzing minds,” reveals Sri

Guruji was recently in the news when his Sri Sri Santoshi Baba Foundation had
initiated the cremation of more than 200 dead bodies found floating in the river
Ganga by giving them a decent burial at the distinctive pilgrimage centre of
Garhmukteshwar (Brijghat) in Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh.

“Since last year the ongoing pandemic has certainly been hard for everyone and endured
harrowing experience including the children,” says the Spiritual Guru. He further recalls,
“Mass violation of lockdowns, ignoring warnings of safety protocols, crowding in markets,
election rallies and religious places were some of the reasons for the fatal second wave. The
shortages related to medical oxygen, hospital beds and necessary medicines and drugs have added
to the woes of the people. Because of these letdowns many citizens have also lost their near and
dear ones too.”

The pandemic and the lockdown blues have indeed crippled the economy and the
livelihood of millions of people. From job losses to pay cuts or no pay and anxiety
over survival with limited resources and no proper income, has increased anxiety and
insecurity and also has given rise to depression and other mental health related issues.
How to take care of your mental health during this pandemic? Addressing the
issues, the illustrious Sri Jagatguru said, “We have to cultivate our minds and define the
choices by gearing up to adapt to the new norms of life. Yoga, meditation, spiritualism are
the best ways to overcome fear and stress. One has to discover his hidden powers to improve
health and create positive influence. Stress, anxiety, depression, tension and psychological
problems accumulate in the mind with irritations, frustrations, disappointments, injuries, insults
and anxieties. Getting into groove with spiritual devotion, meditation and divinity is the need
of the hour.”

The Spiritual Guru further adds, “Our ashram, (Sri Sri Santoshi Baba Ashram) here
in Kundli, Sonepat Taluka in Haryana is just like an institute for seekers of Spiritualism, Yoga
and Ayurveda. A place, where you can find total health for the body, mind and soul… a place
where one can empower oneself and connect to their inner spiritual life. Happiness is conditional
and may be dependent on external circumstances. Meditation is a state of mind which looks at
everything with complete attention and unfolding the inner spiritual world. Spiritual awareness
begins with understanding one’s own true identity. Yoga is a discipline uniting with your source
and which happens when the mind becomes silent.”

Sri Sri Santoshi Baba a.k.a Sri Jagatguru basically from Uttarkhand is known for his
discourses and spiritualism is a gold medalist in astrology too. Regarding the onset of
the third Covid wave, he firmly says, “Some medical experts had predicted about the Delta
plus variant could soon trigger a third wave. First it depends on the level of immunity in our
population. Appropriate measures and strictly adhering to the laid down detailed guidelines and
safety protocols can limit its impact. The only problem is implementing those on a long term
basis is of a major concern. Will everyone get back as before….?”

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