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Thani Mohammad Ibrahim Faraj Ali Thani, an ace entrepreneur across Dubai, shares how to succeed in the clothing industry.



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He has thrilled people with his clothing store through fresh and innovative designs, offering comfort and competitive prices.

Enough has already been spoken about young business talents from different parts of the world, but still, it feels that much more discussions are needed around them for the world to know about their struggles, challenges they faced, and their journey in attaining the success they enjoy today. We came across one such young business talent in Dubai, named Thani Mohammad Ibrahim Faraj Ali Thani, aka Thani Al Thani, who has proved his mettle in the world of business as a creative entrepreneur who exudes high levels of passion for fashion.

His clothing store in Dubai is all things fresh, innovative with a unique vibe that instantly makes customers and fashion lovers fall for his collection. This has definitely increased his stocks in the industry, making him a sought-after fashion entrepreneur in Dubai.

Below, the youngster shares how people can succeed in the clothing industry and achieve success like him.

Reflect your vibe: There are already innumerable fashion players in the industry, and Dubai has been known for producing some of the greatest. Hence, Thani Al Thani says fashion entrepreneurs must try to offer something unique through their brand that could reflect their own vibe, style and lifestyle.

Be a designer and entrepreneur both: When people start a clothing line to showcase their creativity, their job doesn’t end there. They must think like an entrepreneur every day to grow their brand and store and learn how the business works, with a clear goal in mind, which will help them recognize the steps they need to take and set the direction of their business.

Constant innovation: When you enter the creative and design fields, you must be ready to roll out new products launches and collections at proper intervals, suggests Thani Mohammad Ibrahim Faraj Ali Thani. He thinks that only through constant innovations and creative collections can people get more attracted to a clothing line.

Thani Mohammad Ibrahim Faraj Ali Thani has attained massive success as a young entrepreneur in Dubai for his relentless drive, passion and tenacity, which has earned him great name and respect.

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