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The First “Sushiro” Store Opens in Indonesia, The Third Country in Southeast Asia



sushiro indonesia

Sushiro, Indonesia’s first sushi restaurant, will open in Jakarta, the country’s capital on 27 November. After Singapore and Thailand, it is the third-largest country in Southeast Asia, according to Food & Life Companies (F&LC), which runs the chain. Taiwan, South Korea, China, and Hong Kong are other overseas stores.

The decision to expand into Indonesia was made by the company due to the country’s large population, and widespread popularity of Japanese cuisine, especially sushi. With more than 180 seats, the new store will employ about 70 people. The majority of the staff members are hired locally, and the leaders are employees with part-time experience working at Japanese stores.

On Monday, Sushiro, a Japanese chain of conveyor-belt sushi restaurants, will open its first location in Indonesia at an outlet in Jakarta.

Based on the information provided by Food & Life Companies Ltd., the chain operator, Indonesia will be the third country in Southeast Asia to have a Sushiro store, following Singapore and Thailand. Sushiro is also present in South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong.

According to company officials, Food & Life Companies chose to open a Sushiro store in Indonesia due to the country’s large population and the popularity of Japanese cuisine, particularly sushi.

Over 180 people can be seated at the Jakarta location. About 70 people work there, the most of them are local employees.

The head of Food & Life Companies’ Indonesia division, Koki Hayashi, stated that the Jakarta location will be picky about the ingredients used to make real sushi.

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