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Used Diesel Cars Below 5 lakhs You Could Own with Ease!



Used Diesel Cars Below 5 lakhs You Could Own with Ease!


The used car market is thriving these days as most people consider buying used cars a prudent decision due to many reasons.  Used diesel cars below 5 lakhs is one of the popular choices by such buyers.

Most car manufacturers have released premium models of cars at lower prices (8 to 12 lakhs), especially targeting the cost-conscious Indian market. Even then, most people find these lower prices not affordable.

Well, worry not when CARS24 can help you out with an amazing solution! 

Have a look at the list of well-equipped used diesel cars under 5 lakhs which you could own easily, may it be 5-seater or even 7-seater! Tough to believe? Well…. Go ahead and read on and then check the exhaustive CARS24 car inventory.

 Tata Safari

If you are looking to own an Indian SUV that is grand, massive and is a newer variant to the old one, Tata Safari could be considered. This vehicle offers superior ride quality and offers impressive handling. The vehicle has a spacious cabin and provides a premium feel. Tata Safari, when it comes to the used car market, would be available under 5 lakhs if you buy from CARS24.

  • Mahindra Scorpio

This has been one of the best-selling Indian SUVs manufactured by Mahindra and Mahindra since early 2002!  There are various models and diesel engine options for this vehicle that comes with a Manual gearbox and an optional gearbox. You can own this vehicle from CARS24 for around 5 lakhs or less, depending on the model and condition.

  • Maruti Suzuki Swift Gen 3

This has been one of the best-selling cars manufactured by Maruti Suzuki. This hatchback has evolved since its inception and is undoubtedly one of the best hatchbacks available in the Indian markets that offers value for money and easy maintenance. CARS24 could offer used Maruti Suzuki Swift Gen 3 in good condition for under 5 lakhs. 

  • Renault Duster

This is a compact SUV that has a 5-speed manual gearbox or an optional automatic gearbox. It can comfortably fit in 5 passengers and buying it from CARS24 as a second-hand vehicle would cost you under 5 lakhs.

  • Hyundai Elite i20

This is a premium hatchback that offers comfortable headroom and legroom. If you buy this 5‑seater with various features from CARS24, it could cost you under 5 lakhs.  Check their exhaustive inventory 

Conclusion – About CARS24

CARS24 is a next-generation car and bike e-commerce platform that offers pre-owned cars and bikes.  You could find a wide assortment of certified cars that would be delivered at your doorsteps with a single click! They have a deep and clear understanding of what customers need. When this expertise is combined with technology, the result you get is a quick, fair, easy, transparent and hassle-free process to buy used cars and bikes.

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