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World Elephant Day 2020: History and Importance of The Day to Protect Elephants



World Elephant Day

World Elephant Day is an international annual event on August 12, assigned to the preservation and protection of the world’s elephants. This day causes individuals to comprehend the requirement for better protection for wild animals, elephants, and to enhance the illicit poaching and trade of ivory, better treatment of captive elephants.

This is the best approach to unite the world to support elephants. Consequently, it is important to raise awareness about the urgency to ensure such a smart and gigantic animal from extinction.

The purpose of the poor condition of elephants is poaching and habitat loss as well as because of the carelessness of the individuals about the dangers that elephant a grand animal faces. One of these dangers might be the elephant rides, isn’t it!

The fundamental goal of observing World Elephant Day is to make awareness about the earnest situation of Asian and African elephants. The African Elephants are recorded as “Vulnerable” and Asian Elephants as “Endangered” in the IUCN Red List of threatened species.

History of International Elephant Day

The first International Elephant Day was held on August 12, 2012. From that point forward observed every year and is assigned to the preservation and protection of the world’s elephants. This day was first invented in 2011 by Michael Clark and Patricia Sims, two movie producers from Canada, as well as Sivaporn Dardarananda, Secretary-General of the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation in Thailand.

This day features a requirement for better security for wild elephants, improving implementation policies to forestall the illicit poaching and trade of ivory, conserving elephant habitats, better treatment for captive elephants, and so on. This day is presently supported every year by over 65 wildlife associations and numerous people around the globe.

The current populace estimates are 400,000 for African elephants and 40,000 for Asian elephants. Some of the significant dangers looked by both African and Asian elephants are heightening of habitat loss, poaching, human-elephant conflict and abuse in captivity, and so forth.

Threats that Elephants essentially face

  • Poaching
  • Human-elephant struggle
  • Mistreatment in captivity
  • Don’t ride on an elephant

Previously mentioned threats are looked by African and Asian Elephants

Solutions for the threats are:

  • Together with work towards better security for wild elephants.
  • Improve requirement policies to forestall illicit poaching a
  • Improve the illicit trade of ivory
  • Conserve the habitats of elephants.
  • Provide better treatment for captive elephants
  • When it is proper at that point reintroduces captive elephants into the natural habitat.
  • Protect sanctuaries is one of the objectives of the few elephant preservation associations and focus around the world.

Facts about the African Elephant

  • According to WWF around the populace of African elephants is 415,000 in nature.
  • The scientific name of the Elephant is Loxodonta africana.
  • Shoulder height is 11 feet and weight is 6 tons.
  • The length is 19-24 feet.
  • There are two types of African elephants – the Savanna or bush elephant and the Forest elephant. Do you realize that Savanna elephants are bigger than forest elephants and their tusks curve outwards?
  • Forest elephants are darker and their tusks are straighter and point descending.

In this way, presently you may have come to realize that World Elephant Day is celebrated on 12 August year to raise awareness about the issues that elephants face in the wild and to discover the approaches to ensure them. Subsequently, it is basic to secure elephants as they are basic for keeping up the biodiversity of these rain forests.

On World Elephant Day the most ideal path is to teach yourself as well as other people about this sublime creature that is an elephant. It is important to raise issues that these creatures’ faces and social media are the best platforms for this.

Individuals watch a documentary on elephants as this causes you to acknowledge the wildlife and about the creatures that they face which can be an eye-opener. Additionally, they give on this day to an establishment dedicated to protecting elephants from poachers or migrating them to areas more qualified for their needs.

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