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World Octopus Day 2020: History and Importance of the day



World Octopus Day

World Octopus Day is an annual observance celebrated every year on October 8th to praise one of the most distinctive animals and eight-armed creatures living on the planet today; the octopus.

World Octopus Day: History and Importance

October 8, 2007, marks the first celebration of World Octopus Day. The individual or the association who set up this day is unknown. They have made this day to celebrate the exceptionally clever creature of the planet. Octopus is a soft-bodied, eight-armed mollusc of the order Octopoda. Assembled within the class Cephalopoda. The fossils of octopus go back 300 million years prior. It pre-dates even to the dinosaurs. They are visually astounding and accessible in different colors and shapes. Around 300 species of Octopus are perceived. The octopus is like squids, cuttlefish, and nautiloids.

World Octopus Day is observed every year on October 8. The first World Octopus Day was celebrated related to Cephalopod Awareness Day. The Octopus News Magazine Online established World Octopus Day. World Octopus Day celebrates its diversity, conservation, and biology. They picked the eighth day of the month to show appreciation for creatures with eight appendages.

Octopus is bilaterally symmetric with two eyes, three hearts. It has a beak, with its mouth present at the center point of the arms. The soft body can quickly change its shape, letting octopuses squeeze through the small gaps. The male Octopus uses an exceptionally adapted arm in delivering a bundle of sperm directly into the female’s mantle cavity. It gets senescent and dies. The fertilized eggs will be store in a den by the female octopus. It takes care of them, and she dies on in the wake of hatching. The octopuses are venomous. Blue-ringed octopuses are unsafe for people. It has 500 million neurons in its cerebrums and arms. It lets them bypass their impulses, learn exercises, and tackle the issues.

Observing World Octopus Day is straightforward. Entertain yourself to find out about the Octopus, its habitat, and its life cycle. Take your children to the closest aquarium to show them the various varieties of Octopus. You can even attempt a few recipes made of Octopuses like Octopus salad or hot dog. Wear an octopus-like wardrobe to appreciate the day. Take a few pictures and your Octopus day celebrations to post via online media using the hashtag #WorldOctopusDay.

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