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11 suggestions for digital marketing strategies to increase sales in 2024



11 suggestions for digital marketing strategies to increase sales in 2024

The foundation of marketing in the twenty-first century is digital marketing. It is imperative for businesses to stay abreast of the latest developments in digital marketing as social media continues to expand, search engines get more intelligent, and the internet becomes further intertwined into daily lives.

“Marketing is largely a digital field,” expressed Natalia Kuvelas, Marketing Manager of Custom Goods. “Consistent social media engagement, a functional and optimized website, and targeted ads are the key to making your business known in the digital age.”

Here is a survey of digital marketing methods that have been gaining traction as 2024 gets began and show every indication of continuing to be successful.

Regularly share content on social media

In the digital age, social media is a central location for relationship development and discovery. A lot of people check their social media accounts every day, if not many times. By posting on social media frequently, you help your audience remember and identify your brand.

“Social media is at the center of any strong marketing strategy,” explained Ryan Rottman, Co-Founder and CEO of OSDB. “Posting consistent, engaging content is necessary to build brand recognition and a positive reputation.”

Customers can interact with your business more regularly when you post on a regular basis. In this manner, people will consider your company before your rivals when it comes time for them to shop.

Assist Content Creators

A successful marketing plan requires trust. For them to regularly interact with what you have to offer, your consumers must have faith in the reliability and excellence of your company. By collaborating with content producers, your company can gain the trust of a market that may not be familiar with you.

“Content creators are your key to building trust and reputability on social media,” offered Maggie Brown, Founder and CEO of Recess Pickleball. “They already have an established relationship with their audience. When they endorse your business, their audience can build your business into that relationship.”

Working with content creators does more for your company than just increase the reach of your marketing campaign; it also helps you develop a solid consumer base that is dependable and steady.

Share Information That Promotes Interaction

To consistently drive traffic to your profiles, you need to do more than just provide eye-catching infographics or product images. To separate out from the competition, make sure your material is interesting to your audience and adds value to their feed.

“Content that poses a question or has a direct call to action tends to get the most traction,” Greg Hannley, Founder and CEO of Soba Texas expressed. “Engaging content catches better in the algorithm, which means your content will not only get more interaction from your audience, but it will also be pushed out to more people.”

Before posting anything on the social media platforms for your company, think about whether the content is interesting, instructive, or engaging. Does viewers get anything out of this post? If your response is in the affirmative, you’re well on your way to creating a compelling web presence for your company!

Create a Social Media Storefront

Digital stores that are incorporated into social media platforms are called social shopping pages. Social shopping is becoming increasingly popular since it makes it easier to find and buy products in one location.

“The nature of social commerce impacts shopping behaviors and product discovery,” Rachel Autumn Lee, co-founder of Prism Bags, told Forbes in 2022. “The seamless and single path to purchase from a social media app allows for quicker purchases and easier sharing of new products between friends.”

Create a social buying page to help your goods reach a larger audience and facilitate your consumers’ purchasing experience.

Make Your Website Fast and Easy to Use

The centerpiece of your company’s internet presence is your website. Your website serves as the focal point for the remainder of your digital marketing efforts, so it must be designed with speed and ease of use in mind.

“Your business website is one of the strongest selling points for your credibility and professionalism,” explained Max Schwartzapfel, CMO of Schwartzapfel Lawyers. “A fast, easy-to-use, and beautiful website says ‘I care about customer experience’ and is an effective way to demonstrate your aesthetic strengths.”

To make sure there are no broken links or large files that slow down or interfere with the user experience, think about conducting an audit on your website. Increasing customer engagement on your website may depend on providing a simple and intuitive user experience.

Establish a Uniform Brand Identity Throughout Channels

The components that distinguish and identify your brand in the eyes of consumers make up your brand identity. To ensure that consumers can quickly identify your company, it’s critical to have a recognizable and consistent brand across all channels.

Building a comprehensive and consistent brand identity takes work, but it pays off in increased brand recognition. It’s critical for your company to stand out in the crowded and noisy digital sphere by developing a distinctive and identifiable brand identity.

Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly

Your website receives organic search traffic thanks to search engine optimization. Having an intuitive navigation system, employing relevant keywords on your page, and building clear URLs are all ways to improve your website’s search engine optimization.

“Creating and maintaining a strong SEO strategy can help ensure that a brand is being seen by the right audiences, and it’s a cost-effective method to drive traffic, leads, and sales,” said Geoff Crain, senior director of sales and marketing at Kingstar Media, in a 2022 Forbes article.

Any good marketing approach must include SEO. Getting ranked for a relevant search query on Google or other search engines can attract new customers who are looking for what you have to offer. In addition, it’s a free marketing tool with great potential for success.

Follow Up with Cart Abandoned Shoppers

Customers that leave their carts behind are excellent prospects for follow-up. By filling a cart, they have already expressed interest in your company, and with a little prodding, they might return.

Abandoned carts are gold mines. Even if they decide not to complete the purchase right away, a customer who visits your website, browses your offerings, and puts together a cart is very likely to come back to your establishment, according to Roman Peysakhovich, CEO of Cleango, a company specializing in commercial cleaning services.

Send follow-up emails or customized communications to customers who left their carts to entice them to return. To entice these clients to return to your establishment, think about providing little discounts.

Examine the Engagement and Behavior of Consumers

Analyzing consumer behavior and interaction data is a crucial but frequently overlooked aspect of marketing. But developing a winning marketing strategy requires knowing your target audience, and you can’t know your target audience without examining the data you already have.

“It’s crucial to understand your target audience, what they want, and how they find it,” Amanda Howland, Co-Founder of ElleVet Sciences shared. “Taking the time to analyze consumer behavior and trends in engagement will allow you to fine-tune a targeted and effective marketing strategy.”

To learn more about your target audience, take a look at your analytics data, which includes the most popular pages on your website and the terms you rank for.

Produce Ads with Targets

Ads that are tailored to a certain consumer base are known as targeted ads. They let you tailor your advertisements to the distinct preferences and inclinations of every single customer.

“Every person has a unique set of interests and needs. Targeted ads help you create a personalized marketing strategy that focuses on what your business offers that the consumer actually wants,” stated Asker Ahmed, Director of iProcess Global Research.

Customers can feel heard and gain a better understanding of how your company fits into their life with the aid of targeted advertisements. For example, a customer who often views and interacts with cat videos could be more likely to interact with your pet supply business through a customized advertisement including a cat image rather than a generic one featuring another pet.

Use Direct Email Campaigns to Reach Your Audience

Even if attracting new clients is a major part of marketing, it’s as critical to interact with and appreciate the clients who are already doing business with your company. Utilizing email marketing to send updates and special offers to your audience on a regular basis can help you develop a loyal consumer base.

“Enticing your audience with exclusive savings and opportunities delivered directly to their inbox is a powerful strategy,” said Cody Candee, Founder and CEO of Bounce. “It not only enhances brand recognition but also motivates repeat customers, creating a sense of value for those who have purchased from you before.”

By communicating with your repeat customers personally and providing them with updates and unique offers, you can demonstrate your appreciation for them.

Attract New Clientele with an Effective Marketing Plan

Developing a powerful marketing plan is essential to increasing revenue. You’ll be able to differentiate yourself from the competition and grow your business online with the help of these tools and advice! This year, think about improving your digital marketing approach to see new prospects and engagement for your company.

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