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Do Instagram Engagement Groups still work in 2024?




The era of employing outdated tactics like the mass ‘follow-unfollow’ strategy and excessive hashtag usage to boost Instagram engagement is long gone. If you still encounter anyone using hashtags like #likeforlike or #like4follow, gently remind them that these techniques belong to 2017. It’s not just about being outdated though; it’s about utilizing your time and energy more efficiently in creating compelling content or expanding your business.

The landscape of Instagram engagement underwent a significant shift in 2017 with the rise of Instagram Engagement Groups. Users in these groups share a common goal – to get more engagement on their posts and boost the algorithm. They’d achieve this by liking and commenting on each other’s posts within a big DM group on Telegram.

Soon after these groups became popular, other methods such as Instagram Powerlikes became favorable for those that were willing to pay to only receive from these groups instead of spending hours every day giving engagement to the groups. Can’t blame them, time is money at the end of the day!

If you’ve landed on this article, chances are you’re seeking ways to boost engagement on your Instagram page without relying on an array of thirsty hashtags – and that’s a commendable move. Not sure which option suits your account best? Let’s delve into the details.

Unveiling Telegram Engagement Groups

Launched in 2013 by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov, Telegram is a cloud-based chat app known for its end-to-end encryption. With over 500 million users worldwide, it stands among the top 10 most downloaded apps globally.

Telegram boasts numerous group chats, both public and private, offering a diverse range of discussions. In the context of Instagram, specific groups, commonly known as Telegram Pods or Instagram Engagement Groups, aim to connect users for the exchange of likes and comments. Some groups are more private, subtle and niche targeted, while others public groups literally have thousands of random Instagram users dropping links every day.

How to Navigate Telegram Engagement Groups

Telegram engagement groups involve following specific rules outlined at the top of the chat. Typically, participants are required to engage with the last 10 posts in the group before sharing their own link. Many of the groups have admins and bots to maximize efficiency and ensure that nobody can abuse the groups (receive engagement but avoid giving back to the group will get you kicked out). 

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the potential downsides. Consistent reliance on these groups for substantial likes and comments poses a significant risk to your page. It not only elevates the likelihood of getting action-blocked due to an excessive number of actions within a brief timeframe, but Instagram’s algorithm can discern that your posts engagement primarily originate from users you’ve reciprocally engaged with, potentially jeopardizing the authenticity and organic nature of your interactions.

If you want to use these groups, carefully select a few niche targeted groups of higher quality pages and like minded users. Connect with them, follow them and share some love on each other’s posts, there’s nothing wrong with that! You could even build your own community with this goal in mind. 

Whatever you do, stay away from big generic telegram groups & pods consisting of bots, admins and huge quantities of posts being dropped daily. 

Are Instagram Powerlikes still a viable alternative?

Instagram Powerlikes usually come straight from these telegram engagement pods. With Powerlikes, you are simply paying to just receive likes from the group without wasting time or actions via your own page. Good Instagram Powerlikes services are high quality and work automatically when you post on Instagram. Powerlikes are a much better solution to boosting your engagement than heavily overusing Telegram engagement groups. 

That being said, do not consider Powerlikes as a serious organic growth strategy for Instagram. It’s a social proof strategy and nothing more. Having more likes and followers can passively help with organic growth over time, but it’s not a long term strategy. 

If you want to focus purely on organic long term results, then use Instagram growth management services instead and hire an Instagram expert to work on your page. 


If you want to use Instagram engagement groups, go for it! But look for smaller groups that are made up of like minded users within your niche and location. Build actual connections with these users, follow each other and share the love on each other’s posts! You could even consider making your own group via WhatsApp or Telegram, add your friends and get your friends to add their friends etc. Keep it as genuine as possible and stay away from bigger automated groups. 

But if you still aren’t convinced and really want to get those extra likes, just find a good Powerlikes provider instead. At least that way you aren’t harming your page by giving out so much engagement and wasting time every day.

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