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2023’s Top 5 Trends for Testing Cloud-Native Software



2023's Top 5 Trends for Testing Cloud Native Software

Software testing has quickly changed in the fast-paced world of software development to meet the constantly shifting needs of business and technology. This evolution has been further accelerated by the introduction of Kubernetes and cloud native applications, giving rise to creative testing frameworks such as Testkube.

First Trend: Testing to the Left

“Shift-left testing” is an idea that has been gaining traction. By incorporating testing frequently and early in the development cycle, this method makes sure that testing is a continuous process rather than a last step. Reducing the expense and effort of fixes is the aim of early issue identification and resolution.

Trend 2: Using AI for Testing

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more common in the cloud native space, and it’s starting to affect software testing as well. Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more sophisticated, turning it from a novel idea to a practical necessity in testing. Businesses are positioning their AI capabilities more and more on their branding, which is indicative of a move toward more intelligent and effective testing techniques.

Trend 3: Give Security Testing Priority

Security testing is becoming increasingly important as digital threats become more complex, especially for large enterprises. This movement focuses on incorporating security measures from the very beginning of the development process. Testing workflows are increasingly dependent on tools that perform both DAST (dynamic application security testing) and SAST (static application security testing). Testkube helps teams to incorporate these security tests in Kubernetes environments, where security is critical.

Trend4: TestOps and GitOps’ Ascent

In 2023, the merging of TestOps and GitOps will become a major trend that will change the software testing industry.

Trend No. 5: Transient Testing Environments

The emergence of transient testing environments is revolutionary. These short-lived, on-demand environments offer an affordable means of testing applications in a controlled setting that closely resembles production. These environments can be set up and taken down more quickly and easily with Kubernetes. Teams can test effectively and dependably in these dynamically generated environments thanks to Testkube, which guarantees a speedy feedback loop with less overhead and fewer running clusters, hence lowering costs for the business.

Seize the Moment

These patterns highlight how software testing is continuing to change this year due to innovation and changing consumer demands. Adopting these trends calls for a flexible, inventive, and all-encompassing tool, and Testkube excels in this regard. Testkube is ready to meet the demands of contemporary software testing, whether it’s handling intricate end-to-end testing, guaranteeing strong security, or integrating AI in testing.

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