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3 Popular Team Building Activities That the Participants Are Sure To Love



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In the past few years corporates have realized the significance of team building activities, which always bring about great returns, enabling the employees to bond, which in turn improves their performance at the workplace, especially when they have to work as a team. If you are thinking of investing in team building activities, here is a list of popular ones that the participants would surely enjoy.

  1. Storyteller

This could ideally be carried around a bonfire with 6 to 20 participants. Here the participants would have to narrate personal experiences related to the workplace, tell a story. This would enable the participants to know each other better and to recognize their shared experiences. Nothing helps people to bond better than the realization that they have something in common.

There could be a jar full of chits with words in them, words like “first day,” “business travel,” “latecomer,” or any other word one wishes to come up with. Each player has to pick a chit and would have to share a story that features the word in it. The whole session can last 45 minutes, and is a cost effective team building activity.

  • Treasure hunt

This is one of the most popular team building games that corporates like to invest in because it is super fun and engaging. The name is self-explanatory. You are supposed to arrange a treasure hunt where the participants would have to solve riddles/ clues to move onto the next ones and in the end they would reach the “treasure.” Whoever solves them first would reach the treasure first and therefore win. There can be multiple teams with four or five members each and it can easily engage 25-30 people.

There are camps which organize several such team building activities for employees in the interest of the corporates. They are professionals and can make the whole experience a memorable. The employees as they work as teams learn to coordinate, cooperate, and make decisions together. They also help in improving personal bonds.

  • Make a Movie

This can be a very stimulating team building activity, provided one has the equipment for it. It would require cameras, tripods, and microphones, or one could just shoot the movie on their phones for convenience. Each team would have to make a movie with a message, the length of the movie can be 5 to 10 minutes. These exercise brings out the creative best in people and helps them to express themselves. It can be a great relief from their usual desk jobs, and at the end of the game, the participants are bound to feel great about themselves because they created something out of the blue.

The activity would require 6 to 8 hours at least so the players have the time to plan, write, shoot, and edit their production. Though this be a competition where one team would win, it is necessary to appreciate the work of each and every team in the end, and a token or prize would boost their confidence.

These are some fun and interesting team building activities for employees that are sure to bring them together by making them work together and enjoy themselves while doing it.

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