Youngest InfoPreneur with bigger aspirations

In this dog eat dog world, Digital Marketing has become an inevitable part of our lives.

Digital Marketing deals with all Marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. The prolonging use of digital platforms such as search engines, social media, email and other websites are benefitting a large group of people which is why the number of people switching to online platforms are increasing.

Speaking of Digital marketing, Infopreneur is the term that follows. Infopreneur is a lately coined term which means a person who collects and sells Digital or electronic information. And speaking of Infopreneur, Ashish Balgotra is the name that follows.

A creative Marketing guru and one of the youngest Infopreneur, Ashish Balgotra has taken the world of digital marketing by Storm with his profound skills on Digital marketing. He is  a blogger and Digital Marketer who has brilliantly worked with some of the Hotshots of Blogging and Digital marketing. Having been declared as social media’s most influential man, Ashish  also makes it to the list of top 20 male digital bloggers. So without further Ado, directly head to the Instagram account and other social media handles of Ashish Balgotra to unleash a lot more about Digital marketing.

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