Benjamin Herzog – The ultimate inspiration we all need

It is no longer unusual for young entrepreneurs from all over the world to capture the global market with new innovative ideas and concepts. Benjamin Herzog is one of the most well known young entrepreneurs in Austria. Benjamin was born on 13 August 1997 in Klagenfurt, where he also spent most of his childhood.

One of the most successful entrepreneurs in Europe Benjamin Herzog was named amongst the youngest successful entrepreneurs under 25 in Austria.

After High School, Benjamin Herzog travelled to Sydney, where he studied Graphic Design for half a year, shortly he joined some well-known startups like the foundation of the Tea Time, where he gained his first experience in entrepreneurship.

In January 2018, Benjamin Herzog invested in Avintex GmbH, which is now one of the second largest cloud mining providers in Austria and has customers from all over the world. His second major project with Payments Solution started in August 2019. In 2020 Benjamin Herzog is aiming for Real Estate Ltd. in the metropolitan city of Dubai. There he is to be involved in the purchase and also in the development of the properties.

Through insiders, we have known that Benjamin Herzog is working on a new luxury fashion brand. The name of the brand is decided to be called “Understatement”. Understatement should be able to compete Givenchy, Amiri or Louis Vuitton.

The future still holds a lot of options open for the 23-year old, who has already proven himself as a successful entrepreneur in countless projects. His prudence and innovative solutions are an inspiration for many young people from all over the globe.

By Pamela Greenberg

Pamela Greenberg is a science fiction and fantasy writer, game designer, and poet. Pamela’s works are characterized by an aversion to doing things that have been done before. This attitude is perhaps most notable in her writing. She writes fabulous news on recent things. She is working as an author on