3 Skills You Must Possess to Become a Successful Marketing Expert, as Per Gustavo Tello

If you’re looking to take your marketing skills to an expert level, you must follow Gustavo Tello of The Lighting Store in Miami, Florida. Not only was Tello able to start The Lighting Store from the ground up, he successfully transitioned his business from Venezuela to the USA. Straight from the expert himself, here are the skills you need to market like a pro.

Skill number one is the ability to make cross-cultural connections. During his work with Formalux, Tello had assisted various international light fairs such as Light + Building in Germany, and Euroluce in Italy. Also, Tello has personal and professional references from the Italian Firm Lucente. This has made him a globally recognized professional 

The second marketing skill is to be able to market through word-of-mouth. This has been a crucial factor in the Lightning Studio’s success. Originally from Venezuela, Tello started his business in his hometown before expanding it once he moved to the United States. In the first year of business, sales increased by 14.5% and 25.8% in the second year.

The third skill you need is strong management and leadership skills. Through Tello’s ten years of management experience, he has taken on many responsibilities and roles, including marketing and sales, product development, problem-solving, and more. Giving him the skills he needed to market his business better.  

Tello graduated from the University of Nueva Esparta in Caracas Venezuela, followed by a Master’s in Business Administrations from Carlos Albizu University in Miami, Florida. He maintained a successful ten-year career working for Formalux, before working more independently with The Lighting Store. He looks forward to spending his free time with his wife and two daughters. 

Tello’s marketing expertise has provided fun and innovative lighting services for many companies, including ARE lighting. If you are looking to grow your company just as Tello did, make sure you have these three skills to become a Marketing Expert.

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