A glimpse into the lifestyle of successful sports manager and social media star – Sufyan Cultrera

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Sufyan Cultrera has made a name for himself as a competent and efficient manager for professional MMA fighters. He is a self-made entrepreneur and a successful social media public figure.

Sufyan Cultrera is of 32 years of age and has made himself an eminent personality. With his Instagram handle @sufyancult he has been influencing more than 370k followers about his lifestyle as a successful entrepreneur. Cultrera faced a very tumultuous childhood and his upbringing was quite difficult and full of challenges. He had a very difficult childhood compared to most others of his age and had spent many years living a dangerous life on the streets of Casablanca. That life and the hardship has been slowly building his internal strength and the ability to deal with the challenges of day-to-day life. Apart from this, he was on a move from one place to another.

These changes from one country to another country has taught him the lesson of life, building up cultural and environmental adjustment abilities. His home country was Morocco but at an early age, he had to shift to Austria in Europe. He had to stay in Austria for few years and later at the age of 11 his family shifted to Germany. Such a sudden change for a child was quite a big challenge and he had a tough time adjusting to the new environment. But everything has good and bad aspects. For Sufyan Cultrera the good thing was that he learnt the language of all these places where he stayed and at present, he can fluently speak French, German, Arabic, Italian and English.

Apart from learning these languages he was good in his studies and took his education seriously, which also led him to a better lifestyle. Sufyan also went to Los Angeles for a study abroad program but was not satisfied with the American culture and returned to Germany to complete his Master in International Business and Management from one of the most famous universities.

During his studies he associated himself with the art of kickboxing and even went to Thailand on a regular basis to train on a higher level. Sufyan Cultrera was a very talented kickboxer and had a good career as a fighter. He had fought 32 matches during his entire career out of which he only lost in 2.

But we all know this is a dangerous sport, bloodthirsty and most of the fighters are hurt badly and receive irreversible damages. Sufyan Cultrera was wise enough to understand these things and his educational qualifications helped him to shift his career from a professional fighter to a component and efficient manager for Professional MMA fighters. His connections in the pro MMA world helped him to establish himself.

Today Sufyan Cultrera is holding the position of Vice President at the prestigious UFD Sports Management Agency, one of the most successful sports management agencies in Europe. Together with his partners at UFD, Ivan and Tomi Dijakovic, they started their own MMA organization Elite MMA Championship EMC which became the fastest growing organization in Europe.