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New Project 2

Flash back to the 90’s or early 2000’s, there was plenty of black entertainment on television. Turn to MTV there was Yo MTV Raps, turn to B.E.T ( Black Entertainment Television) there was 106 and Park, College Hill, Comic View, and Spring Bling. Now of days there’s no real black entertainment on any network so that why I created FBATUBE. FBATube is not just another video streaming site or YouTube clone. FBA is a first of its kind, video streaming platform that features pure unfiltered entertainment and exclusive content made and produced by black content creators.

As I mentioned earlier most shows and networks today only caters to a white audience or paints African Americans in a negative or ignorant manner. So on my site black people and people who support black ownership will get an opportunity to truly shine and freely express their opinions without repercussions. This will also allow for a resurgence in creativity which will bring black entertainment back into an enlightenment period.

I’m talking, a new and modern take on all your old favorites and I also plan to produce a plethora of new shows in the near future that’s really going to bring excitement back to black entertainment. If you believe in my site and want to be apart of something special feel free to join https://

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