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Amer Safaee: the great art of building a business from scratch



Amer Safaee

This article is about businessman Amer Safaee, who was born in Afghanistan in 1980 in the city of Daykundi, and today is a successful entrepreneur and investor who helps companies in crisis situations. What led the Camera to success, despite the difficulties and lack of material assistance and support? What rules does Amer follow? Read all the details right now.

The secret is not how much capital you have to build a business, but how much motivation you have.

Financial opportunities that give you a chance to gain independence and achieve your desired goals are given to all people in different ways: someone won the lottery, someone got an inheritance or parents help, and someone does not have any financial support and from childhood you have to build your own life, think through every detail of your career development. So, it happened with the hero of the article-Amer. He was born in a poor family, where no one even talked about business. But from a young age, the desire to find success, become a businessman and develop their own business motivated him. Safaee decided to set up his own company.

To start your business from scratch, you need to understand your skills. What could you do? What do you like best? You can offer an unlimited number of ideas, but success will depend only on the effort made. No effort, no victory. On the way to any goal, you need to clearly know what you are striving for and what you are ready to do for this, what to sacrifice, what to learn.

From a poor family in Afghanistan to opening his own company in several countries.

Before setting up the company, Amer decided to finish bachelor in IT and technology. Then, after getting some theoretical and practical experience, he opened an IT company same with University with Bama security name in Afghanistan. For some time, Safaee did his best to develop his company so that it opened in 10 countries. Then it was a big leap to act further. Amer Safaee then completed his master’s degree in the MBA program and founded Gamma group in the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Tajikistan, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Companies operate successfully, their profits grow every year, and they are becoming world-famous.

Failure is an essential part of the path to success. On the way up the career ladder, it is difficult not to face difficulties and turning points. Amer understands it, so he always believes in the best. Even when he lost everything, when he had problems and failures, he did not get depressed, did not lose motivation. Only two days were enough to recover and start working on the business with full strength. After overcoming the obstacles, Safaee continued to develop his business, as well as move in the direction of investment. One of the best ways to improve your own financial situation is to invest in a business. And with a properly planned approach, you can get a good profit. Since Amer is interested in fashion and famous brands, he also invests in the beauty and fashion sector. Amer is not only an investor in the popular ZAZ company, but also invests in businesses in five different countries.

The more global the plans, the greater the prospects.

One of the main rules in business planning and strategy building is never afraid of grandiose and large goals, always strive only for the best result. That is why Amer has set the next goal for 2025: to open the company in 50 different countries and make this company famous and demanded. Amer believes that with a lot of diligence and maintaining the same strong motivation, the plan will be able to fulfill. No competition and difficulties are terrible when there is something for which you are trying so hard – an ideal result that brings not only profit and success, but also infinite happiness and a desire to continue to grow and develop.

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