An Interview with Dose of Roses Founder Joseph Ayoub

An Interview with Dose of Roses Founder Joseph Ayoub

Dose of Roses is one of the fastest-growing brands in the world. It allows you to customize your rose box the way you want from selecting the arrangement style to the box color and material, rose colors, and add a personalized note. The most exciting thing is the collection of roses available in different colors and even glow in the dark! Everything is handmade, and the roses are real and last for up to five years. We sat down with the company’s founder, Joseph Ayoub, to know how he came about with this unique idea.

Q: First of all, thank you, Mr. Ayoub, for giving us your valuable time. We would first like to know what it was to start Dose of Roses? How did you manage everything?

A: Well, thank you for having me here. My partner Julian Wilson and I had this idea of delivering unique gifts that you couldn’t find in a retail store to the doorstep of our customers. But we didn’t want it to be like any other company. As Valentine’s Day was approaching in 2019, we thought it would be a great idea if our customers could gift our first product: a rose bear, a teddy bear handmade of synthetic roses that last a lifetime to their partners.

What we didn’t expect was such a tremendous response to the product. All of our rose bears sold out within two weeks and we had to scour the streets of Los Angeles to find similar products to sell because we were approaching the busiest week before Valentine’s Day. But we couldn’t and that affected how much more sales we could’ve had. That was when we decided to expand our product line so that customers had more gifts to pick and choose from when our best-seller sold out.

Q: How did you come up with the idea of Timeless Roses?

A: Just like our Rose Bear, we wanted to provide something that would last for years. Since the rose is the universal symbol of love, we tried to change the way people gifted roses to their partners. We wanted the roses to look like they were at the height of their beauty. But roses hardly look fresh after the first couple of days. So, we introduced the process of preserving roses by using a proprietary method to make them last longer. We also used natural oils so that the fragrance of the roses remained intact for months. This idea, along with the most variety of box materials, colors and rose colors made it Dose of Roses’ unique selling point.

Q: Do customers need to water the roses every day to keep them fresh for five years?

A: Absolutely not. That’s the best part of it; you don’t need to water or maintain our timeless roses apart from dusting off here and there and try not to keep them in direct sunlight.

Q: Do you provide same-day delivery?

A: Yes, we do provide your location is in Los Angeles and we are expanding to New York. If you live somewhere else, no worries, you can still choose your preferred date and time of delivery, and we will do our best to deliver your gift within that timeframe with our courier partners.

Q: Do you have any advice for new entrepreneurs who want to follow in your footsteps?

A: Execution is key. If you can’t bring your idea to life, then it doesn’t count. Having an idea versus making it happen is different. Everyone has an idea but only a few execute them and that’s really the key to make your business successful.

It was a pleasure talking to you, Mr. Ayoub. We sincerely hope that Dose of Roses continues its exponential growth and bring happiness and joy to more people. Thank you so much for taking the time again.