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Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan on Using Social Media to Get Clients



Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan on Using Social Media to Get Clients

Promoting businesses consistently through photographs is no easy feat to achieve. But it’s just bread and butter for one of the most famous photographers in Kuwait, Mohammad Jasem Alwazzan. Mr. Alwazzan is an expert in the event, travel, and food photography. And it’s no surprise that restaurants like Chocolate & Macaron and Em Sherif Restaurant and Café called him to promote their businesses using his photography skills. It’s an honor to have him with us today.

Q: Mr. Alwazzan, can you share with our readers how you define your work?

A: Thank you so much for having me here. My photography genres are travel, product, and food. I like to capture the artistic aspect of any object. All my photos reflect people’s emotions, and that’s what I feel makes my photos popular. If you see my Instagram stories, you will notice the intricate details that I capture in my photos. Whether I’m covering an event or taking still photographs, the details in my photos define my pattern of work.

Q: That’s incredible. Talking about Instagram, how do you use social media to your benefit?

A: I think social media changed my life. When I first started with photography in 1996, I never imagined so many people would follow my work. Now, I get regular mentions from people to the places I visited, such as restaurants or holiday destinations, and they even tag me with their business stories. This makes me happy because there are people out there who dedicatedly follow my work on social media. I would also like to mention that I got more than 300 requests last year on my social media pages to cover events and business promotions.

Q: On average, how many likes, shares, and comments do you get for every post? How many followers do you have on social media?

A: I mainly focus on Instagram, to be honest. Although I don’t use Facebook that often, you can still see my work on my Facebook. I usually repost on Facebook from Instagram. My Instagram posts get nearly 800 to 1300 views and likes. In Kuwait, that’s a considerable number. And my Instagram stories get approximately 1500 to 1600 views. When it comes to YouTube, the average number of views is about 8900.

I have 82 subscribers and counting on YouTube and 19300 followers and growing on Instagram. Again, I’m not sure about the number of followers on Facebook, as I’m not so active on that platform.

Q: What would you like to say to budding photographers who want to use social media to their advantage?

A: Firstly, time your posts carefully. Monitor when you get the most number of likes and views. This would help your audience share your photos and promote your photography skills. Secondly, don’t post multiple images of a single object from similar angles. That reduces the dynamism of the item. Your audience won’t appreciate your skills that way.

It was a pleasure talking to you, Mr. Alwazzan. We are sure that the upcoming generation of photographers would find your advice helpful.

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