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‘When I killed my ego I realized I didn’t belong in many places anymore…’: Kat Alyst, Artist & Photographer Shares



Kat Alyst

We caught up with Kat Alyst to touch base and update us on all the buzz we are seeing about the colorful and deep thinking artist! The phone answers with a pause. We hear what sounds to be a parrot squawking on the other end. “Hello”, we hear, as Kat laughing, apologizes for the noise, “that’s my birds, Gigi and Ollie.” After looking at Kat’s self-portrait work, we didn’t expect to hear such a friendly voice, as many of her images are depicted in cotton-candy pallettes and stoic expressions.

What kind of birds do you have?

12-year-old Conures.

Oh wow! Do they travel with you?

Sometimes, if I am driving somewhere.

Speaking of traveling, where are you right now?


And that’s where you’re from?

Yes, I moved too much throughout the area [East] to really know where to say exactly I’m from though.

How did that shape you? What was baby Kat like growing up there?

I think it was lonely, but I was ok with that. All the people around me were mostly older

Would you say you were popular in school or too different to connect?

I was NOT COOL. I was bullied for my hairstyles, clothing, weight, voice, and so much random stuff like that. Pretty typical weird kid story, but it’s whatever nowadays.

You’ve been very open about struggling with depression online and in interviews or publications we have seen. Was there a moment where you thought you might give up making art or was that what kept you going?

I think it’s what keeps me going and has kept me going, but it hasn’t all been healing [yet].

We found some faux “katinthecloudz” accounts on Instagram, have you seen them?

Oh my gosh yes I think some (laughs). I have seen some in DM’s and they send me drawings. It’s so sweet and they must be kids from the way they text.

You clearly are humbled and genuine with your posts, and we see now that matches by speaking with you. Is there anything you want to share with our readers? Some advice or a personal moment that was somewhat of an “aha” moment for you?

Not to get all into the deep voids, but (pause) when I killed my ego I realized I didn’t belong in many places anymore that I saw around me. That was a huge wake-up call that completely changed my direction and cast me on a more genuine path I think.

We wish we could chat longer with you, it’s been a pleasure! How can we find you online to keep up with you?

Same!! I tried not to talk too much (laughs). Find me on any social media when you search @katinthecloudz or visit my website. I’m always updating my portfolio there:

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