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ANMOL JOON: Ninety Percent of All Millionaires Become so Through Owning Real Estate



ANMOL JOON Ninety Percent of All Millionaires Become so Through Owning Real Estate

“The great thing is that Young talent isn’t tied to how-to-do model for starting a line; we get to find new ways about doing things. And don’t let people tell you you can’t. Go find a way to show that you can.”

Age is indeed not a bar for talented people who set out to break stereotypes and sculp out a solitary niche for themselves. Formerly during the days of badminton playing, he wanted to be known and popularize as a badminton champion as he had won so many tournaments and state championship but indeed nobody can fight one’s fate, and he got physically injured hurting his elbow.

“Being Challenged in Life Is Inevitable, Being Defeated Is Optional.” This is what made Anmol fight over his challenges and come up with new business ideas and lines of business. You can be skilled in any work if you believe in this way. Choosing to make a career in the real estate sector was not something these young people would chase this early, but it was his trust over his knowledge and expertise in this line of business that proved him successful.

He wants to be a resource person as a real estate agent. He always wished for an affluent lifestyle like a cowboy but not exactly in behavior and morals. He is grounded and kind. He carries a different personality when it comes to poor and helpless beings. He wishes to impart all his knowledge and skills amongst those needful and strive for a better life through every opportunity.

He earned 6 times All India Ranking Tournament winner ship, 2 times Haryana State Championship in Badminton. He retains a building in his name in Dubai. He owns a villa in Palm Jumeirah. He has his own stud farm.

Every Human Has Something to Offer This World; The Question Is Will We Create A Society That Can See Everyone’s Worth. You cannot be easily accepted by everyone in this world and so is your work. In today’s world of judgementalism, people find it hard to accept one’s profession and line of involvement. You Are Free to Choose but You Are Not Free from The Consequence of Your Choice.

We always have a message for others what we have as a gift so that they understand and figure out their gift of life. Being a badminton player, he always loved his passion and how badminton drove his life differently and full of purpose. The good thing is not meant for one, it is for everyone and everywhere living live. He keeps motivating people around him and teach them everything about badminton and other interest in life and how it has taken him so far. This deed of him is so blissful and helpful for society’s upbringings towards acceptance.

When nothing looks like a challenge to you, that’s where you stand out from the crowd, being already successful inside and experimenting outside.

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