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Barry Kibwika Has Become One Of The Leading Fashion Entrepreneurs Of Current Times



Barry Kibwika Has Become One Of The Leading Fashion Entrepreneurs Of Current Times

His passion and determination to lead from the front have made him establish flourishing businesses.

The world of entrepreneurship has seen the rise of many individuals who have done wonders with their extensive work, driven by their passion to be the best in their respective fields. Creating a successful venture is no child’s play and a lot goes into its making, very few have been able to take up the challenges and have done what many have found difficult to achieve. These go-getters have been able to face all odds and face the gravest of situations and emerge as real winners owing to their winning streak. One name that comes to our minds who have done exceptionally well in his entrepreneurial career, and has raced ahead of all is Barry Kibwika. He is a renowned fashion entrepreneur and an author who has led a fine example of how success can be achieved with hard work, determination, and passion.

Harnun as he is popularly known has done what many would find impossible to do. Being in the fashion industry which is known for its fierce competition, he has never stepped back at any point in time and has established himself as a fine entrepreneur who has set up his base in an excellent manner. Born in Africa in 1989, he was always drawn towards fashion from the beginning and had made up his mind to make a career out of it going ahead in life. His dreams finally turned to reality when he stepped into the profession to make it big and excel stupendously. Today, this fine entrepreneur holds the reins of two successful ventures namely “Sabaa” and “The 47th Dynasty” and is also an author and has recently released his book “Return back to self-love”. Furthermore, he is also a trained Kemetic yoga teacher and runs his brand “Sakhem Yoga”, which is also popular amongst people. Here is one fine example of how one’s determination can take him places and make him tower above all.

To know more about him, visit or follow him on Instagram: @harnunofficial

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