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Branding Consultant and Branding Strategist – Who are they?



Branding Consultant and Branding Strategist Who are they

You intend to work with a branding consultant. When you begin your search, you will come across branding strategists. It is better to know who are they.

You are looking for ways to promote your brand. In other words, you wish that your brand would gain more popularity. With this motto, when you search for a branding professional, you will come across many of them. Among them, the most common professionals you will come across are branding consultants and branding strategists.

Both these terms look similar and are used interchangeably. Nevertheless, there are some differences between the two as well. Before you know how they are different from each other, it is better to know who are they at the first instance.

Who is a Branding Consultant?

A branding consultant is a branding expert. This expert will help you with the creation and maintenance of a specific image or identity for your brand or product. When it comes to creating a brand strategy, a branding consultant can help. It means that this professional will guide you on how to develop and promote your brand. From this expert, you can get different services that include logo and website development to the creation of marketing campaigns.

You will get the right guidance from a brand consultant on how to protect your brand from negative publicity.

Who is a Branding Strategist?

When a branding consultant is an expert in branding, a branding strategist is an expert in marketing. With the help of a strategist, you can develop and maintain a strong and consistent image for your brand.

This expert will help you with carrying out market research. He will also develop brand guidelines and messages. He will create impressive marketing campaigns for your business.

The campaigns aim at improving awareness of your brand. It will generate customer interest. This professional will work with other departments in your organization. These departments include sales and product development. He will do this to ensure that the identity of your brand is reflected in different areas of your business.

In some cases, brand strategists might be responsible for managing and developing a social media presence for your brand.

Differences Between Branding Consultants and Branding Strategists

Job Responsibilities

Both these professionals carry different responsibilities. However, their common goal is to improve your brand. Nevertheless, the particular tasks that these professionals perform differ from one another.

Brand strategists pay attention to creating broad brand strategies that involve different departments and products. For instance, a brand strategist might develop a strategy for the whole organization as compared to a single product line.

On the other hand, brand consultants offer more detailed advice regarding particular aspects of a brand. For instance, a brand consultant might review your marketing materials. These materials are created by another team. Consultants offer feedback on how to improve those materials. Even, they might work with a single department for the creation of a unique PPC campaign.

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